Roshon Fegan On His Favorite Performance On Dancing With The Stars And More

J-14 interviewed Roshon about Dancing With The Stars, his music, and Shake It Up!! Below is what he said on our show. Be sure to see more at the link including a cool picture of him with his quitar.

J-14: What has been your favorite performance so far on Dancing with the Stars?
Roshon Fegan: I really liked my samba. I also got to do a great tribute to Michael Jackson and wear a wig and everything. That was a lot of fun!

J-14: Have any of your celeb friends come out to support you on DWTS?
Roshon: Britney [Spears] came out with her fiancé Jason Trawick. Jason is a great supporter and friend of mine.He said he was going to bring his fiancé, but I forgot that his fiancé was Britney! She even Tweeted about it after the performance. Bella [Thorne] and Zendaya [Coleman] came the first week and former co-star Demi [Lovato] are definitely still close friends and support each other. I just talked to her not that long ago!

J-14: If you could do a dance routine to any song, what song would you choose?
Roshon: It would definitely have to be a really cool upbeat song. I’d love to do one of my own [songs] as well. It’s always good when you dance to one of your own tracks. I would definitely be up for that.

Lots of luck to Chelsie and Roshon tonight. I’m especially excited to see how Sasha Farber will help light them up? It’s going to be fun!