PureDWTS Maks Chmerkovskiy And Melissa Gilbert “The Dancing Underdogs” (Video)

On he and Melissa’s dances tonight which includes his brother Val, Maks tells Good Morning America, “I think we’re going to be great, I think we’re going to be fun and entertaining.” Maks is so proud of Melissa making it this far on Dancing With The Stars being it’s so physically demanding. Melissa has nothing, but, good things to say about her partner calling “sweet”, “protective”, and “caring”. He also has the “best ….” ehum. lol Note: it’s Melissa’s birthday Tuesday and she hopes she won’t be eliminated. More below in a take from the link. You can watch the interview in a video below courtesy of Good Morning America.

“I’m very proud of her, I really am, especially with us trying to stay entertaining, it’s physically very hard,” he told Rycroft.

Getting the routines down requires a lot of work, and during the vignettes of the pair practicing that air before each performance, Chmerkovskiy has appeared to be a tough taskmaster.

Asked what he was like the rest of the time that the public didn’t see, Gilbert replied: “He’s really sweet and he’s really got a big heart and he’s very protective of me and he’s very caring.”

Chmerkovskiy reminded her he had “an amazing ass,” and she agreed.

Tonight they will face a new challenge: Each of the six remaining couples will be paired with a pro who has already been voted off this season. Gilbert and Chmerkovskiy will dance a samba, and they’ll be joined by his younger brother, Val.

“I think we’re going to be great, I think we’re going to be fun and entertaining,” Chmerkovskiy said.

Gilbert says she’s not ready to go home yet, and sent a message for all the fans who’ve kept her in the competition: “Just keep doing whatever you’re doing, we’re working really hard to earn all of your hard work.”

“It’s my birthday on Tuesday and I don’t want to get eliminated on my birthday,” she said.

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UPDATE: Melissa has written a new blog at People. Here is a take from the link on their dances tonight. Be sure to see the link for a funny story for happened to her yesterday.

Our dances this week are a lot of fun. First I have a fox trot with Maks to “Maggie May” by Rod Stewart. Our story for the dance follows the lyrics: nasty cougar takes advantage of sweet, studious young man. There might even be a little kiss in their somewhere.

Our second dance is the samba. There is a twist, though. Each couple got to pick an eliminated pro or troupe member to dance with them. Since Maks and I were at the bottom of the leader board, we got to pick first. Of course we chose Val! So, once again I’m the middle of the Chmerkovskiy sandwich. It doesn’t suck to be me!