Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Interviews After Week 8’s Dance (Videos)

What a night! I especially loved the Trio dance and I hope Dancing With The Stars will do it again in the future. Yes or No? I thought the Trio dance helped Donald the most. He received his first 10 and what’s more, with a Jive. 😯 I thought the Trio dance also helped Melissa. Val brought out the best of her and Maks and gone was her “deer in the headlights” look. Let’s see what the couples told George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet on the night….

Derek and Maria are fine with the judges scores (I wished I was. 😯 ). They had fun and Derek was proud of doing something new. Maria was so glad for the 10’s and 9’s they received. The competition is so close and everyone is so good. Anything can happen to any of them. They hope the fans will carry them through.

Roshon and Chelsie worked hard and they hope people loved what they did. They had nothing to lose this week, so they just went for it. He is so thankful for his fan and “Grandma support”.

George tells Donald that his leap was the best move of the night. Donald says he did what Peta told him to do. They are happy, but, they don’t feel victorious since everyone was good. No one is safe. George loved the different energy last night. Peta and Donald said it was crazy from the beginning to the end. They hope they make it to the semi-finals and they have more to prove if they make it.

George praises Katherine for handling the pants mishap with grace. Neither she or Mark are comfortable with their scores last night. They are nervous about being eliminated, but, they had fun.

William and Cheryl are happy about their three 10’s which he thought would never happen. They are so happy to be at the top of the leaderboard. They are happy for Roshon and Chelsie who are second and had a comeback night. William said everyone is so good. If they go home, they will go out knowing they did the best they could.

Melissa said the show was on fire last night. She was proud of their dances and that she did better. They praise their fans for keeping them in the competition. She will never forget it. George talks of the bleeping in the package. Maks says none of it is personal. He just has to blow off steam and then they go on. He apologized again. They hope they get to come back. Melissa says something clicked for her last night for the first time with control and confidence.

Access Hollywood interviewed Maks & Melissa and Mark & Katherine as well. Maks and Melissa were excited they did better. Maks runs through what happens in rehearsals. Mark and Katherine are nervous about the elimination and being in a red zone.

E Online got some backstage scoop as well. Note how they describe Chelsie and Roshon as the Dark Horse. So true…

“[The apology tonight] was public. In private, there were apologies too,” Maks told us. “Look, it is what it is. It’s the good with the bad. Nobody is perfect. You put two people together 24 hours a day for the past 15 weeks, you’re bound to see things you don’t want to. We’ve got each others back and I just try to give herself to fight with. Regardless of the scores, regardless of the comments, we’re going to give our fans something they can point their fingers at and say ‘That’s why I voted for them.’ And that puts a lot of pressure on us.”

Derek Hough was also in the doghouse for coming off like a bit of jerk toward partner, Maria Menounos. Although he told us not-so-long-ago that showing tough love sometimes gets the best results, he did express remorse for being harsh. However, Maria said it’s no big deal and just another step toward winning.

“It’s one thing to get the dance steps down, it’s another to really throw yourself into it,” Maria said. “I can’t throw myself into it until I get the steps, so I do it a little backward. So he was like, ‘Babe, this could be our last dance.’ and when he said that, I was like, ‘Oh no.’ I love dancing with him and I love this whole experience.”

Bullies aside, the dark-horse couple of the competition, Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower were bubbling with excitement over their rise to the top.

“We’re very excited,” Roshon told us. “From the bottom to the top! We’re proud, we’re happy. A week to learn two dances is a challenge. We kept our mind in the game, put a lot of hard work in and we kept it loose. We wanted to makes sure we went out there and had the bet time ever and that’s what we did.”

Lastly, below is ET with the couples….

More coming up! Stay tuned!! 😉