SPOILERS!!! DWTS Season 14, Week 8 – Who Got the Boot??

Another week, another set of weirdness.  Dance Center and Chris Brown….sorta funny and sorta singing. 🙂  Who got eliminated??

Sixth Place: Roshon and Chelsie

Fifth Place: Melissa and Maks

Actually quite bummed that Melissa is gone, particularly after that cigarette comment in the confessional. 🙂  Also have a new found appreciation for Val after his cussing after hearing Len’s score for Bollywood. 🙂 I’m pretty easy.

How did we do??

Heidi: I said that it would be Roshon and Katherine. My second choice was Roshon and Melissa and my third choice was Melissa and Maria.

Courtney: Court said Roshon was leaving for sure with either Melissa or Maria as the other person; Katherine was a long shot.

Vogue: Said Melissa and Roshon rather unequivocally 🙂

And the winner is: Vogue, for not waffling one bit. Courtney and I can’t say the same. 🙂  Although, there are no real winners here.