DWTS Week 8 Saying Good-bye To Melissa Gilbert And Roshon Fegan Elimination Videos

So, what will you remember the most about Melissa Gilbert and Roshon Fegan and their time on Dancing With The Stars?

What I’m going to remember the most about Melissa Gilbert is her fight and compassion for life and how she brought those two traits to the dance floor. Despite any and all physical challenges and criticisms from the judges (and even Maks in rehearsals), she tuned it (and them) out and never stopped “believing”….much like her character on “Little House On The Prairie” (which she, I admit, rekindled my love for). What’s more, I will never forget her last dance with Val and Maks which she can bank on as being one of the most memorable on Dancing With The Stars (in my opinion). This vision will forever remain in my head when I look back at this season and think of her.

As for Roshon, I will remember him for his young, refreshing, spirit, and zest for life. Same with his positivity. Despite being unfairly critiqued at times and being in the Dance Duel twice, he smiled through it all. He brought a “Michael Jackson” revamped edginess to the dance floor too which I will cherish!! I hope this isn’t the last time we see of this bright shining star who turned into a man before our very eyes…and a dashing one at that in his bow ties.

So, enough from me. Let’s see what both couples had to say to On The Red Carpet, Afterbuzz TV, Access Hollywood, ET, and Good Morning America after being eliminated and their time on the show.

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From ET, the cast has nothing, but, great things to say about Melissa and Roshon.