Some Dances Revealed For Dancing With The Stars Semi-Finals, Goals, And More

Two more couples gone and four left. Let’s see what George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet found out about next week’s dances while getting their reactions from the eliminations. He has some deeper questions as well. For instance, he asks if sex appeal helps to get votes. He asks what new twist in the show they’d like to see. He also asks the couples what it will take to get into the finals. Note that there isn’t an interview with William and Cheryl (yet anyway?).

First up, Donald and Peta!! “Next week starts NOW” for Donald. They have the Waltz and the Samba. Hard work and dedication is what it will take to get to the finals… and good coaching from Peta to push him. Donald plans to work harder than ever. Such a force, that one.

Maria is invested in this competition so much her face shook last night. Derek says they will have to bring some show stoppers since the competition is so tight. Derek likes to be tasteful when it comes to being sexy (that’s one thing I love about him! He is always tasteful!). To switch things up for the show, Derek thinks it would be fun to switch partners for a week (Cool idea. I love it! What do you think?).

Katherine is so relieved she is safe and sad for Melissa and Roshon being eliminated. George praises her on her big heart. They have the Salsa and the Quickstep for next week. Both are excited about it and they can have a lot of fun. Mark says to get the finals, Katherine needs to stay in the moment and concentrate (so true!).

After Buzz TV interviewed a few of the couples as well. In these two videos, Maria says she and Derek have the Jive and the Argentine Tango. Donald and Peta plan to do something they haven’t done yet.

On to the Quarter Finals. I can’t wait! πŸ™‚