DWTS14 Donald Driver And Peta Murgatroyd Planning To Clean Things Up For The Judges

Donald Driver explains to the LA Times why he thinks the judges are tough on him. He and Peta plan to hit the practice floor hard this week in order to clean things up.

Q: That jive trio is one of the best dances in the history of the show. And you only got a 28? What can you possibly do to top that and get a 30?

We had a lot of fun with it, perfect score or not. Hopefully a lot of fans thought the same thing as you and voted for us! In the judges’ eyes we obviously have a few little things we can clean up, so we’re going to hit the practice floor hard this week and get it done.

Q: Do you think because of your athletic background that the judges are a little tougher on you?

I don’t think it has to do with athletics as much as their belief that I can be a really good dancer. They are going to keep pushing me until I get to the level they believe I am capable of reaching.

Be sure you read the full interview at the link too. Donald talks of the Trio Jive with Karina and Peta (pictured above) and how he handles his nerves before and during the show. He also discusses being homeless at one time and how it led to his charities. Such a fighter….and one with a huge heart.

Picture above courtesy of ABC. You can view more photos of them and the cast from last week at the official site of Dancing With The Stars HERE.

UPDATE: And here these two are on Access Hollywood today. Donald wants to get that Mirror Ball for Peta!! It’s like the foorball playoffs for him and he doesn’t want to let her down. They also talk about their goals going into the Semi-finals, how the fans have got them this far, and more….