Tight Las Vegas Odds For Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Semi-Finals

Last week I was shocked the Las Vegas odds makers put Roshon in last place at such low odds, but, well….you know the outcome as both he and Melissa were voted off of Dancing With The Stars. Leading into the Semi-finals, the competition and the odds have tightened up…and maybe even more so that we’ve ever seen them on this show thus far? However, note how Katherine has moved down from a first place position to third (for the first time this season) and is tied with Maria. Donald is in first place and William is in second place. Below is what Las Vegas Sports Betting is reporting currently…

New Las Vegas Odds for this week:

Donald Driver 7/4
William Levy 5/2
Maria Menounos 3/1
Katherine Jenkins 3/1

Last week’s Las Vegas Odds:

Katherine Jenkins 9/5
Donald Driver 19/10
Maria Menounos 3/1
William Levy 7/2
Melissa Gilbert 60/1
Roshon Fegan 75/1

So, do the odds makers have it right or wrong this time? I can’t decide? This is honestly the tightest competition I’ve ever seen (which I’m loving). It’s really anyone’s ballgame. Let’s get Heidi’s thoughts and be sure to let us know your thoughts too in the comment section. We’d get Court’s thoughts too, but, she’s currently giving the odds makers a piece of her mind personally in Vegas. 😯 8)

Heidi: I think they’re closer to right now than they’ve every been, of course they have the luxury of changing it up every week, don’t they. πŸ™‚ Β  I have to wonder what made them hop on the Donald train though – it’s not like the judges have been pimping him like they do William, nor has he been getting over scored. Do they just see the writing on the wall or what?? In any case, this is a pretty close race but I think the dances are in Donald and Katherine’s favor, William needs no help because he’ll be scored well no matter what, and Maria has Jive and broken feet. Β Should be an interesting week. I would kill to see William go out forth, but with Maria’s broken feet and Katherine’s smaller fanbase, I don’t see that happening.