DWTS Season 14 – The Judges Discuss the Final Four

Interviews with the judges in USA Today – they discuss each of the finalists strengths and weaknesses in a good bit of detail. Click the link to read it all. I’ve only read Maria’s thus far, but I would say I agree in large part. Their discussion about William is pretty revealing – they are enamoured, for sure. Excerpt below.

William Levy with Cheryl Burke

Biggest strength. Carrie Ann says, “He has incredible charisma. He’s a very sexy, handsome man. What’s really special about his performance is the emotional quality he brings. He has beautiful movement in a very masculine way.”

Len says, “When that guy comes out, the place erupts. I think his biggest strength is he’s very, very popular. And to a degree, as you get down to the semifinals and finals, it does become a bit of a popularity contest.”

Needs to work on. Len says, “His Latin is incredible. He’s got great rhythm. The thing he’s got to work on is his ballroom dancing. … He’s got to become a little cleaner in his ballroom dancing.”

Bruno says, “His only kind of low point was his jive. It’s very, very fast, and he kind of messed it up. His footwork went to pieces a bit, and he kind of didn’t recover. If he gets another dance like the jive, if you make a mistake, don’t let the rest of the dance collapse. You have to move on.”