Val Chmerkovskiy Wants Oprah Winfrey To Dance On Dancing With The Stars

I can’t imagine Oprah saying “yes” to Dancing With The Stars, but hey, you never know? This would be a cool pairing though. What do you think?

“I would do my best to teach her some dance moves. I’m a huge fan, and I admire her,” the 26-year-old dancer told Celebuzz at the Dr. Scholl’s “Get Up & Go!” Event in NYC.

So does he think Oprah could win the Mirror Ball trophy?

“She has what it takes to be humble and learn the moves. She has the drive to be successful. Those are the qualities I’d want in a partner,” Chmerkovskiy said, adding that she’d likely make it to the end.

“Someone as successful as her wouldn’t be where she is, if she didn’t have good work ethic… I don’t need a supermodel, or athlete. I just want someone who has the desire to do well and put in the work,” the sexy dancing pro added.

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