A Special Announcement Planned For Tonight On Dancing With The Stars And More Media

Wow, will we ever forget Season 14’s Semi-finals on Dancing With The Stars? I don’t think I ever will. Let’s get the couples reactions from George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet. Note in Derek’s interview how George mentions a special announcement taking place tonight on the show. He asks, “Could it be about the “All-star Season”? What could it be? UPDATE: Entertainment TV just confirmed an All-star season of Dancing With The Stars for next Fall. Thanks to Vin and Jeff for this news.

First up, below is Mark with an update on Katherine’s injury and what happened. He also talks of how your mind goes black when something like that happens on the show. He hopes they make it to the finals and he mentions some goals if they do. He also says they had a good run if they have to go home.

George tells Maria she has “Grandma” feet. They talk of their top scores last night and why they deserve to be in the finals. Derek said Maria been tough no matter what’s been thrown at her and she’s improved the most since the beginning. Maria she has loved doing Dancing With The Stars more than anything she’s ever done. As said before, George also talks about how the show is making a special announcement tonight.

Peta says the fans should keep them in the show because they’ve worked so hard. They also plan to go out with the biggest bang in their freestyle if they get to continue. They have a lot of tricks planned.

George asks William on his “butt shake” last night and he doesn’t know. LOL! He loved all of his family support last night. They make him a ‘better person’ not a ‘better dancer’. If the fans want them to stay, they will. If they have to go, they know atleast they’ve done the best they could. Cheryl says she’s had a “partnership” with William this season.

Maria, Derek, and Mark also talked with Access Hollywood on their dances and injuries….

ET Online interviewed the couples as well….

Henry of PopTVDotCom was out and about after the show to get some reactions from some of the cast after the show including Tom Bergeron….

Keep your dance shoes on, more media coming up! Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰ xx