Louis Van Amstel, Sherri Shepherd, and Val Chmerkovskiy Review Dancing With The Stars Week 9

In our second media posting today, let’s get Louis Van Amstel’s take on the last night’s dances at ABC. Surprisingly, Louis didn’t think any of the dances last night deserved a “10”. WHA?? Below is his overall opinion. For his individual takes, be sure to visit the link.

Overall: Even though I appreciate Len’s words tonight about this Jive lacking content yet him loving it anyway, in past weeks when people were entertaining but lacked content he would tear them part. That is not fair. I’ve never said this before but tonight all performances were “9s,” in my opinion. Everyone did a good job tonight, but no “10s” for me tonight. The video packages are so heartfelt that it is difficult to criticize the celebrities knowing how much hard work they put into tonight. But honestly it was no one’s best performance. BUT it is fun to know that the mirrorball trophy can be anyone’s this season. And your votes really count this season! With all of these “9s” and “10s,” the viewers’ votes will make the decision.

What do you think? I have to disagree. I thought William’s 2nd dance, Maria’s 1st dance, and both of Donald’s deserved 10’s? He’s spot on about Len and his scoring though. Sometimes he nitpicks and sometimes he doesn’t….or is it favoritism or manipulation?

Next up, Val Chmerkovskiy and Sherri Shepherd were guests on Good Morning America today to review the show and reveal their favorites. I haven’t watched this interview yet since I’m having some connection issues today, but you can watch it here.

Here’s to the results tonight. Prepare for it to be a painful elimination as they are all so good. 🙁