SPOILERS!!! DWTS Season 14, Week 9 – Who’s Going to the Finale???

Well, there is a new pro on my least favorite list and it’s a woman. Guess. Which female pro was just nasty to both Derek and Donald, while claiming it doesn’t matter if William misses a step cuz he’s just so wonderful??

Delusional, thy name is Cheryl. Please, for your own reputation, take a break next season. Thank you.

In other news, they are doing the all star season, but it’s not how some of us hoped – it’s not going to be all good dancers, necessarily, but “controversial” characters in addition to past winners and others. Boo. Hope Derek is doing something else. I really don’t need to see Kate Gosselin or someone who won before win again.

Okay, white space to avoid spoilage done, who got eliminated?? Well, as soon as they called Katherine safe you had to know it was going to be Maria and Derek. ย Because I am just too good this season. ย ๐Ÿ™‚

Your finalists are somewhat unexciting, in my view, but I hope that either Katherine or Donald wins…now I just have to figure out who my votes go to to ensure William doesn’t win. And I think that person is Donald. As much as I like Katherine.

How did we do??

Heidi: I said it would be Maria and Katherine, with Katherine leaving. Second choice, obviously, was Maria leaving.

Courtney: Court had Katherine in the bottom position with William one up from her.

Vogue: Voguey said that Katherine was going home with Maria as a possibility.

Warning….I’ve had enough of crazy assed fans. So, if you are a Derek fan looking to excessively bitch and moan, I might delete you, even though I’m a Derek fan. If you are a fan of someone else only coming in here to gloat or cheer them leaving? I may just delete your ass too. ย It’s week 9 and I’m tired of fangirls. Period.