DWTS Season 14 Stats Class: Week 9 Scorecard

Semi-finals week… aka Week 9, by now you should know who is going home… but before we begin let’s look at the scoring breakdown from Monday night’s show.

Yeeeeaaaah, so looking at the actual to predicted scores, Katherine/Mark has the smallest point difference. Whileas with the other three couples, there is a point difference of either 4 or 5 with the largest point difference being Maria/Derek with 5 points.

Looking at this upfront, it would appear that Katherine would be going home, since she is closest to the predicted score, but as we have seen in some of the previous weeks, the couple with the largest point difference could also be going home…

Let’s look at Maria’s scoring progression over the past nine weeks:

For the most part it would appear that Maria was above the predicted scores… but there were a few times where she either came close or below her predicted score. Now, without knowing how the finall three couples would fare, I can’t say what it all means quite yet, but I do find it interesting that there were a few times where Maria’s actual curve seems to be a bit inverted from the predicted scores. Almost like a mirror image I would say… interesting.

Anyway, looking at my original elimination predictions at the beginning of the season, I can say that Maria/Derek’s exit totally blew up my spreadsheet:

I really hope that we don’t have a “royal” final two, that would really tick me off. Donald deserves to be in the final two, if not the outright winner at this point. **sighs** but I promised that since I’m doing all these number posts that I would keep personal opinions and emotions out of it. 🙂 Blogger FAIL! At least for me, I can’t say the same about the others.

Next week’s the final and it’s going to be a crazy insane post for my scorecard… and since we have an “all-star” season coming up for Season 15… let’s see what the various bloggers have in store for the off-season… so keep a look out.