Three Dances Planned For Next Week’s Dancing With The Stars Finals And More Hints

If you are like us this morning, you want to know everything you can about next week’s final dances on Dancing With The Stars. Let’s see what George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet found out in his interviews after the elimination….

First up, Peta is so happy she and Donald are in the finals. Donald wants to make her dream of winning come true. At the end of the day, he gets off the rollercoaster ride, but, it continues for her as a pro dancer. They talk of the freestyle and how it will knock George for a loop. “It will be filled with lots of surprises, lifts, and kicks”, says Peta. We’ll see Donald in a whole different light. Peta says she’s so lucky to have Donald because he works hard and is such a good guy. Donald says he is “determined”. If Peta gets a Mirror Ball, it will mean he will too. He wants to win the Superbowl for her.

Katherine speaks about all of her family, friend, and fan support which has been so helpful. Mark’s parents and his family in Texas love her too. Mark explains how the dances will take place next week. They have to dance three times possibly….two times on Monday for sure and maybe once on Tuesday. Quoting Mark, they “might not get to do the one on Tuesday”. Mark won’t give any hints on their freestyle. It will be ‘fun’ and they want to ‘blow it out the box’ and that’s all he will say.

Cheryl is absent from this interview. William says she’s at work on their freestyle. William says it will be fun. She likes to do different things and it won’t be boring. George asks William on his bucket list. He wants to do what he can for “his babies”…where “he sees his whole life”. He just wants to do his best for the finals and give it his all.

Access Hollywoord interviewed William and Mark & Katherine as well. William hopes he will have some Latin dances next week. He’s going to give it his all. Mark and Katherine are thankful they weren’t eliminated. They were so convinced they were going home.

The couples talked to ET Online as well…

Lastly, E Online interviewed the couples. Below is a take of Peta addressing the rumor of her and Maks dating. Katherine says they have a lot of work to do to get ready for next week. Mark dishes on who he’d like to see in the All-Star season….

Speaking of romance rumors on the show, we have some bad news for DWTS viewers hoping that rumors of a blossoming romance between pros Peta and Maksim were true.

“It’s false. We’re very good friends and that’s how it is,” Peta says. “He’s awesome. He’s a great friend and we hang out, we go to dinners, we’re with a big group of people, but that’s as far as it goes.”

Someone who is admitting their love for Peta? Partner Donald Driver! Of making it to the finale, he tells us, “I’m very happy…for Peta more than anything else because this is the opportunity for her to show she’s the best dancer on Dancing With the Stars, and I’m glad I’m part of it. I love her to death.” All together now: Awww!

Katherine Jenkins was “convinced” she was going home tonight after suffering a back injury that left her in tears last night. So how is the opera singer feeling now?

“I’m OK. I’m trying not to think about it anymore because we have a lot of work to do next week, so we will get through it!” Katherine assures us. “I’m dealing with it. Patches and things, but it’s going to be fine.”

As for the just-announced all-star edition of Dancing With the Stars set to happen next season? Mark Ballas already has some celebrities he’d like to see return: “Sabrina Bryan, Kristi Yamaguchi, Shawn Johnson, Chelsea Kane, Hines [Ward], Gilles [Marini], Melissa Rycroft, J.R. [Martinez], Apolo [Anton Ohno], Helio Castroneves, that’d be good!”

“I’d totally do this again in a heartbeat!” Katherine says after Mark leaves her off his list! Oops!

Of his partners, I vote for Katherine to come back.

And that wraps this media post up for now!! Who’s excited? xxx