Vote for Dancing with the Stars Season 14 Winner

It’s time for our traditional DWTS poll where you can vote for who you think will be the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 14. Will it be Katherine Jenkins, William Levy, or Donald Driver hoisting the Mirror Ball Trophy and becoming the Dancing with the Stars Season 14 Winner? The interesting thing is that usually in the Dancing with the Stars finale the judges scores are quite close and so it’s really all about the public voting.

Of course, this poll isn’t scientific, but when you look at past results from Pure Dancing with the Stars polls they do quite well. So, vote for who you think will win Dancing with the Stars 2012. Don’t worry about voting over and over and over again. The poll does a pretty good job of filtering out extra votes. It’s not perfect, but luckily we will get enough votes that it should be a pretty good predictor of the DWTS season 14 winner.

Feel free to also share in the comments who you wish was the DWTS season 14 winner or who deserves to be the winner of DWTS 2012.