Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Las Vegas Odds For The Finals (Might Surprise You?)

The Las Vegas Odds makers at Las Vegas Sports Betting have posted their new odds for the Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finals. Let’s see how they stack up. Last week they put Maria and Katherine in 3rd place with 3/1 odds…and well, you know who went home. 🙁 With the results of the elimination, they’ve done some switching around again and now put Katherine in the number two spot behind Donald in first. They’ve put William Levy in last place which shocks me some. I would think they’d put Katherine in the last spot? Regardless, what a tight set of odds again something I’ve never witnessed before.

New Las Vegas Odds for this week:

Donald Driver 3/2
Katherine Jenkins 7/4
William Levy 19/10

Last week’s Las Vegas Odds:

Donald Driver 7/4
William Levy 5/2
Maria Menounos 3/1
Katherine Jenkins 3/1

Let’s get my Pure Dancing With Stars Sistah’s thoughts to help us understand the odds makers more and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments section as well.

Courtney: At this point, I have just given up on trying to predict who will win or whether the odds are on-target or not…this season has just kinda left a bad taste in my mouth, with all the funny business that is clearly going on.  But all things considered, and using what I’ve seen on Twitter and other places as a barometer, I do think Donald has the best chance of winning – for the simple reason that those who are tired of all the manipulation seem to be tossing their votes to him.  As much as the circumstances that have led to it have sucked, it’s actually kind of nice to see such a sense of solidarity amongst fans of the show – I’ve seen fans of pretty much every eliminated team banding together and pledging to vote for Donald, to take a stand against the pimping of the “Royal Couple”.  So where does that leave William & Katherine? Can’t say I really care a whole lot – as long as William doesn’t win, I think I’d be ok with Katherine winning…not necessarily HAPPY, but ok.  I’m leaning towards Katherine coming in 3rd, and it coming down to William & Donald for the MBT.  I’m fulling expecting The Three Stooges to underscore Donald and overscore both William & Katherine in the finals, but in the end I think Donald has the largest chunk of the voting population behind him – and that’s what truly wins the MBT.  Remember, the judges did everything in their power to make Chelsea Kane a  winner a year ago – and she STILL came in 3rd place.  The judges’ pets have fallen in the past; it’s entirely possible that it will happen again 😉

Heidi: Oy veh.  I hope like hell they’re right. But who the hell knows. Courtney is correct, I see a lot of Derek/Maria fans saying they’ll vote Donald. I think some would vote for Katherine, but they’re afraid she doesn’t stand a chance against the two men. You can say that is a bit of a self fulfilling prophesy…but I happen to agree.  I think it may be as close as shown up above too.  I think back on how positive most were that this was going to be a great season…by the way, this is where I say “I told you so” :- ) …and how we thought the cast was going to be so strong. Well, it really hasn’t turned out that way, if you think about it. That’s all TALK from the judges and the producers, really. Part of that can be laid on having to learn so many dances….but I’ll save that for the Heidi/Courtney/Vogue Season 14 retrospective that will be posted about a week from now or so. 🙂