DWTS: How Will Astrology Effect The Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finalists?

The Stars (in more way than one) are aligned for the Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finale. What does this mean for Monday and Tuesday night for William Levy & Cheryl Burke, Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas, and Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd?

If you’ve been following Pure Dancing With The Stars for the last couple of Seasons, you know that one of my interests in life since my mid teens has been Astrology. I like to use it to help me to understand people and myself more and why we are the way we are. Taking it one step further, it’s even more fun to see what certain signs ‘combined’ together might produce such as what we see in the unions on Dancing With The Stars. So, this season, we’re back again with another Zodiac Edition to study and explore the three remaining finalists in this area. You may have studied Astrology too in some fathom. If so, feel free to elaborate on what you think of these combinations and how it might effect the outcome on Monday and Tuesday night? So, let’s get started….

William and Cheryl:
Cheryl was born May 3rd. She is a very “determined” Taurus as we’ve seen in the whole time she’s been appearing on Dancing With The Stars. People born under the Bull are fighters, concentrated, and intense. You can see it in their eyes alone. Persistence is key for a Taurus in the work mode. They are also patient, reliable, warmhearted, and loving. So, with these qualities in her personality, is it no wonder why we’ve seen Cheryl win two mirror ball trophies and Derek Hough (who is also a Taurus) winning three? No matter what’s thrown at her this season or in past seasons, Cheryl sticks to her vision of winning and often conquering all negativity or anything that might get in her way. Can she do the same this Season?

Interesting enough, William was born August 29th. He is a Virgo. Virgo’s are known to be one of the most attractive signs in the zodiac. Although quiet and cool in nature, Virgos can have a sudden natural burst for fire and passion as well and expressing it some form whether it’s a desire to debate, love making (like a Virgin, they are not), or perhaps dancing? If you know or have known a Virgo (like I have with an Aunt, an Uncle, one Grandparent, a co-worker, and several friends), you know they are perfectionists right down to every detail even in the way they walk and carry themselves. Most Virgos have the best posture in the world. Just look at their clothes closets for another example. Every hanger will match and be in the same direction. Yes, a Virgo may be meticulous and analytical in everything they do, but, you can always rely on these intelligent and highly practical creatures to the bitter end.

So, what does this mean for a Taurus and Virgo union with Cheryl and William? As you might have guessed, it’s a complete match made in heaven in most cases since Taurus understands it takes “perfection” and “detail” to “succeed”. Some of the famous Taurus and Virgo couples have been: Roberto Rossellini (Taurus) and Ingrid Bergman (Virgo); Faith Hill (Virgo) and Tim McGraw (Taurus); and Ahmet Zappa (Taurus) and Rose McGowan (Virgo). We’ve seen a winning Virgo and Taurus team on Dancing With The Stars before in Derek Hough and Brooke Burke.

Looking at William and Cheryl’s birth dates (May 2nd and Aug. 29th) even closer:
Strengths together: Determination, Inspirational, Dedication
Weaknesses together: Insecurity, Oversacrificing

Katherine and Mark:
Mark was born May 24th. He is a Gemini ..a sign of the twins. How they do it, I don’t know…but, Geminis have this way of making you think you are seeing double. There are no two distinct sides to this ever changing personality…as we’ve seen in much of Mark’s choreography on Dancing With The Stars. Beautiful, elegant, and/or cool in one dance…strange and quirky in another. Gemini’s may be in one place today and in another place tomorrow with whatever they are doing…whether it’s working on a project at home or in an office or travelling the world over. They are the only sign in the zodiac I know that can take on a magnitude of jobs, interests, and tasks (even while having a family and loads of people all around them) and somehow get them all done. Just when you think they couldn’t do it too is when they will prove you wrong. They are friendly, adaptable, versatile, energetic, communicative, and highly intelligent making them one of the most wittiest of the zodiac. Is it of no surprise then to learn our Princess Heidi is also a Gemini? ๐Ÿ™‚

As for Katherine, she was born June 29th. She is a Cancer. They are an emotionally charged and loving people. They are usually easy to recognize at night as they are usually dressed up to go dreaming in some fashion. Moonlight becomes them beautifully, creatively, and imaginatively. You’ll see these strong suits in their lives in some way whether it’s their job, a craft project, planning a family gathering, writing, or gardening. Also, like the many sides of the moon, there are many sides to their moods and emotions. If you’ve run into a moody person, it’s most likely a Cancer in your midst.

What does this mean for a Gemini and Cancer union with Mark and Katherine? It’s not normally a union that works. However, if (and depending on Cancer’s emotional nature and need to question) they can find and tune into a mutual respect for one another and their personalities and vision, Gemini and Cancer can blend to form one of the most amazingly, creative landscapes for one another. Gemini is open-minded which can help introduce a different world to the life of a Cancer which he/she crave. On a giving part, Cancer are sensitive and affectionate, which can help Gemini to achieve and experience more stability.

Some famous Gemini and Cancer couples have been Joanna Lumley (Gemini) and Jennifer Saunders (Cancer); Tom Cruise (Cancer) and Nicole Kidman (Gemini); Erich Maria Remarque (Cancer) and Paulette Goddard (Gemini); Ginger Rogers (Cancer) and Jacque Bergerac (Gemini); Duke of Windsor (Cancer) and Wallis Simpson (Gemini). Keep in mind that we’ve seen Mark win with a Cancer on Dancing With The Stars before. Kristi Yamaguchi is a Cancer.

Looking at Mark and Katherine’s birth dates (May 24th and June 29th) even closer:
Strengths together: Thoughtful, Tactile, Romantic
Weaknesses together: Secretive, Dishonest, Hurtful

Peta and Donald:
Peta was born July 14th. Like Katherine, she is a Cancer and born under the Moon. Peta is currently my favorite female pro on Dancing With The Stars because she has a way of bringing and utilizing her sign’s emotional and imaginative intensity, beauty, and passion for life to the dance floor. So much so, the moon radiates from her naturally and in her beauty as if she is the moon itself. Have you ever noticed the way Peta can look as if she is crying even when she’s not? Inside, she “is” crying. It’s that face in the moon Cancer’s can be so famous for. When something or someone moves Peta, you know it. She’s very in tune, giving, compassionate, and sensitive to others which is why you’ll see her cry every time someone is eliminated.

Donald? He is Aquarius born February 2nd. Aquarius believe in “dreams come true”. Where other people make wishes and dreams, Aquarius are ahead of everyone and can live on one. Their address is “tomorrow” which might explain how a guy who once lived homeless was able to endure and overcome it. They love the world, people, and mankind which is why you’ll see their friends come in all forms from all walks of life. They are usually a humanitarian in some form which is what we see of Donald and his charity work for the homeless and children. They are independent thinkers and love to dissect everything which is why it didn’t surprise me to learn Donald replays all of he and Peta’s dances and new dances on a laptop. It’s in his nature to do so. Aquarius often beat to a different drummer and with a love for invention in some way. They don’t follow rules if they don’t want to. If there is a tradition, they’ll be the ones to most likely break it which is why you might see an Aquarius having pizza and tacos for Christmas dinner which is ok by them and believe me, it will be the best Christmas pizza and Christmas tacos you’ve ever had. Just ask Court or myself. We are both Aquarius as well.

What does this mean for a Cancer and Aquarius union with Peta and Donald? It’s not usually a common pairing that works overall. Cancers moods and emotions and desire for tradition can be too much for an Aquarius. However, their work abilities can complement each other and be a force if they can focus all of their energies on one common task which is what we’re seeing Donald and Peta do on Dancing With The Stars. Both have strong work ethics and have shown common traits in humility, compassion, creativity, invention, beauty, and imagination which has, in turn, made them one of the most loved couples on this show this season and a fan favorite.

Some famous couples with a Cancer and Aquarius match are: Natalie Wood (Cancer) and Robert Wagner (Aquarius), Sinclair Lewis (Aquarius) and Dorothy Thompson (Cancer), Axl Rose (Aquarius) and Stephanie Seymour (Cancer), Charles Lindbergh (Aquarius) and Anne Morrow (Cancer), Linda Ronstadt (Cancer) and Aaron Neville (Aquarius).

Looking at Peta and Donald’s birth dates (July 14th and Feb. 2nd) even closer:
Strengths together: Supportive, Comfortable, Harmonious
Weaknesses together: Afflicted, Unaware, Dishonest

So, what do you think? If you were to base the Finals outcome on these couples Zodiac signs, who is the dominate pair? I’m at a total loss as usual. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

Sources that helped with this edition: Horoscopes Love Eu, The Secret Language Of Relationships (thanks to SueB for suggesting I buy this book a couple of seasons ago), Linda Goodman’s “Sunsigns” (my favorite Astrology book ever …given to me by my second Mom)