Katherine Jenkins Ready For War On Dancing With The Stars Finale (Video)

Mark writes at USA Today that Katherine is “ready for war” this week for the Dancing With The Stars finale. They’ve been working 8-10 hours a day. He’s given us some hints on their freestyle as well…

This week, I’ve tripled the pressure with three important dances, including the epic freestyle. As you can imagine, it’s my goal every season to take my partner to the finals, but each time I’ve been there, I’ve felt more pumped because it means I get to choreograph the freestyle.

I feel like the freestyle should reflect on all the things a celebrity partner has learned throughout this process and more. I want to show the judges — and, of course, the amazing fans — how versatile and flexible Katherine can be, and that she is the best all-’round dancer left in the competition. I can’t wait to get out there and do it already! Can you feel my excitement?!?

We are working extra hard this week. We’ve added an extra two hours to our daily rehearsals, putting in 8-10 hours at the studio. It’s my expectation that we will be harder, better, faster and stronger for all of you come Monday.

More at USA Today.

Also, below is Katherine talking about her favorite costumes and her favorite dance on Dancing With The Stars. She also chats about when she was inspired to sing. Cute video!