Dance Junkies TV Discuss The Dancing With The Stars Finals And Pick Who Will Win

Need a dance discussion fix before show time? If so, Stuart Brazell, Rib Hillis, and Elena Grinenko of Dance Junkies TV discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each of the contestants leading up to the finale of Dancing With The Stars. They also pick who they think will win it all. Stuart thinks it will be “guy” to win and it will be between Donald and William (I can understand her conflictions. I love both as well). Rib picks Donald to win the Mirror Ball based on fan base, but, enjoys William’s dancing the most. Elena says it will come down to the Freestyle. Don’t discount Mark because he always comes up with the best freestyles. Lots more from this fun trio in depth below….

Stay tuned. It sounds like Rib and Stuart are going to be dancing for us in the future while Elena gives some advise. That will be fun!