Dancing With The Stars Finale Rehearsal Photos, GMA Rehearsal Footage, And More

by Lois

The Mirror Ball Trophy, all shiny and bright
Will be awarded to the winners Tuesday night

Who will win, who will place, who will show
Katherine and Mark will sparkle, be all aglow

William and Cheryl, shaking hips to the beat
Will Donald and Peta be able to take the heat

All three couples will race to the finish line
All will put on their best, looking mighty fine

The noise will crescendo, the rafters will shake
The ballroom will explode, the win is at stake

The freestyles amaze, dazzle, rock and roll
The dancers bring forth their heart, their soul

Tom and Brooke, the winners they proclaim
Couples nervously waiting to hear the name

The race for the trophy, a dream come true
The winners, showered in confetti of blue

The Mirror Ball is awarded for another season
Which only serves to give us another reason

To tune in again, the show will return in the fall
For another chance to win the next Mirror Ball!

To help us introduce this post, above is a Dancing With The Stars finale poem written by PureDWTS reader Lois gearing us up for tonight. Perfect Lois!! Thanks!

Also, Cameron Matheson of Good Morning America goes into rehearsals to do the same. You can see them practicing on the Dance Floor. The couples give us some teasers (William says Donald will be taking off his pants, lol) as well as tell us why people should vote for them. This is fun…

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Also, if you haven’t been following Sherri Shepherd at twitter, be sure you are as she has been tweeting some fun pictures of the cast rehearsing for this week’s finale dances. Below are just a few of them. Be sure to check out her twitter account here for more.

ADDING: TV Guide has a cool commentary up today of what to watch for in tonight’s dances on Dancing With The Stars. They also run through each couples strengths and what they need to work on. Below is what they wrote for Donald Driver. You can read more of what they wrote for Katherine and William at the link.


For Him : Charm, Packer Nation and sympathy. Despite a handful of strong and dynamic performances, the judges have been underscoring Driver. He also arguably deserved his long-desired perfect score of 30 two weeks ago for his jive trio, but Len Goodman continues to hold back the 10 paddle while over-scoring some other pairs. The underscoring has angered a lot of fans and has not gone unnoticed by the pros.

Needs to work on: Getting out of his own way. Driver’s so desperate for a 30 that he sometimes goes into overdrive (no pun intended) when he dances, which causes him to either slip up or tighten up. Forget about the triple 10s and just dance! If you perform it, they will come.

Why he might win: He’s a better dancer than both Katherine and William; he’s technically sharp and an electric crowd-pleaser. His own eight-pack also doesn’t hurt and neither does his massive Green Bay Packers fan base. Plus: The fact that he’s been a diehard Dancing fan since the first season — and is not doing this to shill something — is surely endearing to viewers. Football players have a great record on the show too, but while there have been many who have made it to the business end of the season, only two have won: Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward. Could Driver be the third?

Watch out for: His freestyle. We all know that’s the make-it-or-break-it dance, and the pressure will be on his partner Peta Murgatroyd, who’s untested in her first final in two seasons against two two-time winner pros, to deliver a routine worthy of Quickie’s talent.

ADDING #2: More rehearsal footage and interviews. This time from ET Online…