Louis Van Amstel’s Thoughts Before The Final Dances On Dancing With The Stars

Hollywood.com gets Louis Van Amstel’s thoughts and predictions for the Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Finals. He thinks they “all deserve to win”. Below is a take from the link…

If you needed any proof that this is true, Amstel encourages you to look at each of the couples’ track record. “None of the three celebrities have been in the bottom two,” he says. “That’s why it’s such a crazy final. They’ve all never been in the bottom three and they’re all lovely people.” America’s going to have their work cut out for them come tomorrow night.

Get Personal
Sure, this may be the most unpredictable season of all time, but that’s all the more reason these contestants need to be on the top of their game and bring everything they’ve got to the dance floor — both technically and personally. Amstel advises each couple to put their best foot forward (literally) while also showcasing their lovable characteristics. “They all need to make sure that they show their personality,” he says. “It’s not just a dance competition, and that’s weird for me to say. It is also the high energy, making sure you still enjoy it. Let people know that you enjoy it.”

Live Young, Wild & Free-style
For their final performances, the three remaining couples will be asked to tackle the ever-exciting, no holds barred Freestyle routine, which will give everyone their own unique chance to shine. “Everyone has a chance to make it or break it, so there’s a lot of extra pressure on the pros to make sure those freestyles are the highlight of the evening,” Amstel says. “Last week everybody, in my opinion, was held back. You could see that they were over-thinking. They have to show their personality, put their hearts on the line and show them what they’re made of because this is the week they can take the trophy home.”

I totally agree with the bolded text above, do you? Not only do we need to see perfection tonight, they can’t over-think it (like we’ve seen Katherine especially do).

You can read his full take at Hollywood.com.