DWTS Season 14 Finals Media: Dances For 24 Hour Dance Challenge Revealed

Wow, what a night that ended with a bang! Let’s go straight to the On The Red Carpet interviews with George Pennacchio to get the couples reactions! Picture courtesy of ABC.

William explained the victory symbol after he and Cheryl’s freestyle. They explain the 24 Hour Dance Challenge as well. They picked the Salsa. William is happy whether he wins or not tonight. Cheryl lists her celebrity picks for the all star season.

Mark and Katherine will be dancing the Jive tonight for their instant dance. They are happy with their scores last night. They both feel they best they could do and that’s all that matters. It’s in the fans hands now. Mark tells his choices for next season’s all stars.

Peta and Donald picked the Cha Cha tonight for their 24 hour dance challenge. They had so much fun last night. Their freestyle was dangerous, but, she trusted Donald to pull off the tricks. They feel they did everything they could do. Peta also tells who she’d like to see come back for the All Star season.

Below are the Access Hollywood and ET Online interviews….

Below is a take from E Online with the couples reacions. Be sure to see more at the link.

“Katherine was flawless tonight,” Mark gushed. “Everything went according to plan.”

“I never thought I would make it this far,” Katherine added. “I’m blessed to be here.”

Unfortunately not everyone was feeling the warm fuzzies. William Levy and Cheryl Burke’s freestyle wasn’t worth a 10 to Len, who awarded them a 9 for their technique and effort. When we caught up with the pair backstage, it was clear they were not happy about Len’s predictable reaction.

“The 9 was more predictable than anything,” William told us. “I don’t know how Len could judge so hard on our freestyle.”

Cheryl added that she knew from the look on his face that Len was going to say something negative, but it isn’t tarnishing their pride in all their extensive leg work this season.”

“We’ve been working and giving everything we have,” Cheryl said. “We already feel like winners.”

Although Peta Murgatroyd and Donald Driver earned the same amount of points as William and Cheryl, they were focusing more on their freestyle perfect 10s than the 9 they received from Len for their Argentine tango.

“The freestyle dance was the dance to prove [we deserved a 10],” Donald told us. “And we proved it! I’m going to leave the competition feeling like I did something great.”

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And exiting them….

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