DWTS Season 14 Stats Class: Week 10 – The 24-Hour Challenge

Now that we know what the final three couples are going to dance for the 24-hour Challenge, let’s see how they will fare:

Dance: Cha-Cha
Average Scores:
– Age: 27.190
– Occupation: 26.250
– Professional Partner: N/A
Predicted Score: 27
Predicted Rank: 3rd
Comments: Donald and Peta chose their lowest scoring dance for their 24-hour challenge, the first time they did a Cha-Cha was back in Week 1, it was a 21. With so much room for improvement I have no doubt that Donald would shine, but how much? Let’s look at how previous NFL players in their 30s have done this late in the season.
– Season 3’s Emmitt Smith received a 30 in Week 9
– Season 6’s Jason Taylor received a 24 for Week 10
– Season 11’s Kurt Warner received a 24 and Week 8
For the most part NFL players are oozing with charisma, regardless on the scores that they received. Donald could do better, scoring wise… I’m hoping he’ll get another perfect score.

Dance: Jive
Average Scores:
– Age: 26.600
– Occupation: 27.500
– Professional Partner: 27.750
Predicted Score: 27
Predicted Rank: 2nd
Comments: Jive was one of the lesser scoring dances for Katherine, a 26 and that was back in Week 2. No other singer in their 30s has done the Jive this late in the season. Since she had received a 26 the first time, she does have some room for improvement.

Dance: Salsa
Average Scores:
– Age: 28.667
– Occupation: 26.500
– Professional Partner: 30.000
Predicted Score: 28
Predicted Rank: 1st
Comments: William last danced the Salsa in Week 3 and received a 28… which makes me kind of wonder what their plan is for wanting to do the Salsa again the second time…. other than feeling that it was one of their higher scoring dances. Season 8’s Gilles Marini did the Salsa in Week 10 of his season and received a 30. William seems to have a decent chance of getting at least the same score as before.

So I lied in my previous post, that wasn’t the last one, this is the official last post 😉 Hope you had fun this season!