SPOILERS!!! DWTS Season 14…And The Winner Is???

And the hyperbole plays on. They are really trying hard to sell this season as the best ever, with CAI telling Katherine she had one of the best dances ever and Len claiming that Willy’s Cha Cha was right up there with the best in 14 seasons, we have them adding to the hyperbole using Tom as a mouthpiece. Spare me, gang, you’re just insulting my intelligence now.

Okay, with the spoiler space for twitter dispensed with…..WHOOOO HOOO!! ย Okay. Had to get that out of my system. ย CONGRATULATIONS TO DONALD AND PETA!!!!!

Here are the official standings:

Third Place: William and Cheryl

Second Place: Katherine and Mark

Winner of Season 14: ย Donald and Peta

Great finale, all in all – all the returning contestants did great. And may I toot my own horn?? I called Donald back in week one or two. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How did we all do this week? ย Well…

Heidi: predicted Donald as the winner, William as second with Katherine as third

Courtney: predicted Donald as the winner, William as second and Katherine third.

Vogue: Ever the rogue, Vogue said that Donald would win, Katherine would take second and Willy would come in third.

And Vogue gets it right once again!!

Gang, don’t tune out right away. We’ll have a few episodes of Cheesecake, a team retrospective look at Season 14 (warts and all), and a numbers post looking at the entire season, attempting to answer the question of William Levy – if he hadn’t been constantly over scored, would he have gone home a lot sooner?? Or did the general audience get wise to the pimping like my little sister did??