PureDWTS Season 14 Media After The Finals Part 1

Wow, where do we begin this morning? First of all, I want to stress: DON’T LEAVE US! The show never stops at Pure Dancing With The Stars!! As our Princess Heidi mentioned last night in her Spoiler Post, “a few episodes of Cheesecake, a team retrospective look at Season 14 (warts and all), and a numbers post looking at the entire season” is coming up. Courtney hosts an Awards. Marianya’s got some cool things planned in the mix. We’ll post some new Questionnaires and Polls. Also, we report on any and all news and rumors out there on all the Pros and the upcoming Season all summer. So, stay tuned. You don’t want to miss anything (as several of you did last season when the rumors started flying which, fyi, began EARLY in the off season). 😉 With that said, below are a few interviews to start off the day after such a glorious and one of the best finals in Dancing With The Stars history. Congratulations again to Season 14 Champs Peta and Donald….and same to Katherine & Mark, William and Cheryl, and ALL the couples this season. They are all winners and gave it everything they had.

Ok, let’s get to some interviews this morning from Access Hollywood and Entertainment Tonight for starters….

E Online interviewed the cast after the show with their thoughts about coming back for the All-star season….

Roshon Fegen told us that he’s totally game for coming back if he was asked and if his schedule permits, along with Gavin DeGraw, who was a little more apprehensive about the idea, but said he’d consider it.

Meanwhile, Gladys Knight, Katherine Jenkins and Donald Driver were all iffy about giving the ballroom competition dancing another go.

Jenkins said that she needs a break (which we totally understand) and Driver has football coming up, so that might get in the way. But he already won the whole shebang, so it wouldn’t exactly be fair to add him into the mix, anyway. Don’t you think?

Although the judges don’t get a say in who will come back for DWTS’ all-star edition, Carrie Ann Inaba told us that she’d like to see Apolo Anton Ohno, Kirstie Alley and “definitely” Gilles Marini (yeah, we wouldn’t mind seeing him shake his bon-bon again, either).

As always, don’t miss the After Buzz TV interviews as well.

More coming up! Stay tuned!! 😉