DWTS Season 14 Champ Donald Driver To Thank Fans For Support In Special Wisconsin Broadcast

On Friday there will be a special with Donald Driver and his family broadcasted all over the State of Wisconsin. The Sheboygan Press reports Donald will thank everyone for supporting him on Dancing With The Stars. Below is a take on some of the taping. Be sure to read the link for a two page article about it. You can view a gallery of pictures too. What a class act!! Note how Peta will be a part of the interview as well.

The special is “a real unique way for Donald to be able to thank all the fans and all the supporters statewide,” Lammi said.

During one of the tapings Driver said, “I felt the love from the beginning all the way to the end. The Packer Nation has been behind me for years. They wouldn’t let me down. So I’m glad I was able to bring this back to Wisconsin.”

Driver talked about receiving messages on Twitter from as far away as the United Kingdom and China.

“And I thank Americans,” Driver said. “This wouldn’t have happened without them.”

Hosted by WBAY anchor Cami Rapson and sports director Chris Roth, the special will include show footage, Driver answering questions from Facebook, an interview with Murgatroyd and a segment with Driver’s wife, Betina, and their children, Christian, Christina and Charity.

“We had a lot of fun,” Driver said. “It was a great experience for my wife and kids. We got to meet a lot of people that we probably would have never met in many a year.”

Driver said he’s switching his muscles to football.

“Now I’ve got to get to the physical side,” said the 13-year Packers veteran.

In Los Angeles, Driver said, he put in 12-hour days of exercise, doing workouts in dance and football “kind of hand in hand.”

He’d like to bring home “a couple more Lombardi trophies,” for his home display.