What Do You Think Of TV Guide’s Dancing With The Stars All-Star Season Dream Cast

TV Guide recently asked their readers to comment for who they’d like to see dance in the all-star edition of Dancing With The Stars next season. Below are their 12 celebrity picks which is interesting in comparing them to our numbers polled in our Dancing With The Stars All-star Cast Wish Post taking place at the moment. Some of the same celebrities are winning in our polls and some are not. So, what do you think of this cast below if it were to come true?

Kelly Monaco
Sabrina Bryan
Mel B
Gilles Marini
Melissa Rycroft
Drew Lachey
Joey Fatone
Mario Lopez
Stacy Keibler
Ralph Macchio
Evan Lysacek
Marie Osmond

I say bring them on even though I wasn’t real wild about Marie when she danced before. I especially love the idea if Ralph, Evan, Mel B, Drew, and Mario were to come back. Also, to make things more interesting, challenging, and maybe even more fair in some cases, put new partners with them from who they had before.

If you haven’t done so yet and would like to do so, be sure you vote and make your voice heard in our Poll post HERE. It’s fun to watch the results too. Stayed tuned because Marianya has some cool things planned for updating us on the results.