Henry Byalikov: From Burn The Floor, King Kong, The Great Gatsby, To Dancing With The Stars

What a budding dancing career this cool talent has and if judging fans reaction is any indication for how he helped Derek Hough and Maria Menounos in their Bollywood Trio dance, I’m going to be surprised if troupe member Henry Byalikov isn’t a teaching Pro on Dancing With The Stars very soon and a popular and much loved one at that! Would you agree?

Also, and if you haven’t heard, Henry has a dancing role in one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2012, “The Great Gatsby“. Henry also was rehearsal partner to Carey Mulligan. Below is more from Henry’s Official site for how this role came to be….

Henry was hand-picked by Australia’s leading contemporary ballet choreographer Mr Graeme Murphy to perform as a principal dancer in his brand new Contemporary ballet company ‘Graeme Murphy’s Suite Synergy 2011. Henry’s impact in the production was immediately well received with such reviewer statements exclaiming me as a “Fiery Flamenco Star”, and distinguishing him from the rest owing to Henry’s extraordinary ability, “Henry’s Byalikov, whose powerful intensity of focus and dramatic use of footwork, upper torso and arms unfortunately showed up the inadequacies of the accompanying quartet of dancers in this style”.

After performing to thousands he then helped the choreographer, as a dancer, to create a routine for the lead roles in the workshop for the brand new musical King Kong. He was then engaged as an ensemble member in the musical workshop.

Following the success he had in the musical Workshop, the choreographer Mr John O’Connell chose Henry to feature in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. Henry was also a rehearsal partner to Carey Mulligan.

You can read more about Henry’s career here. Currently, “The Great Gatsby” has a December 25th release date. Below you can view the stunning trailer which features some of the cast dancing in several shots.

I’ll definitely be hitting the theatre to see this, will you? And wouldn’t it be cool if the producers of Dancing With The Stars featured Henry and the ballroom dancing in this movie on one of the results show to help promote it? A Dancing With The Stars fan can dream right? 🙂

Picture above courtesy of Henry’s Facebook page.