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Brandy Not Sure She Would Want To Return For Dancing With The Stars All-Star Season

Brandy talked with Kempire Radio about the possibility of coming back to Dancing With The Stars for the All-Star Season. She said she was scared to do the show the first time. So much so, Brandy thought she was “going to die” every time she performed. She hasn’t got the call to return for the All-Star Season and she’s not sure she wants it. lol This is cute.

Thanks to @DWTSGossip for the heads up on this news. You can listen to more of this fun interview with Brandy which includes her thoughts on Whitney Houston, her career, and more HERE.

June 4, 2012 I Written By

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.

GSN Drops DWTS Reruns from Lineup

I realize this is super, super late, but I think we all got so swept up in the hustle & bustle of season 14 that no one really even noticed this – plus, it happened rather quietly, so I myself didn’t even notice until I was cleaning up my DVR yesterday and saw that there was nothing set up to record on GSN…but it piqued my interest, so I’m sharing it now, and thought I’d get your thoughts on it 🙂

According to Buzzerblog, GSN dropped reruns of DWTS from its lineup starting April 16:

That didn’t last long, did it?  GSN’s most recent attempt at reality shows, exclusive off-network reruns of Dancing With the Stars, are on their way out.  The reruns of ABC’s popular dancing game show, which have proved to be anything but popular for GSN, are leaving the network’s schedule starting the week of April 16th.  GSN debuted the show on Saturday, January 21st.  The debut failed to crack the top 15 most watched shows.  First-run reruns averaged 304,000 viewers and has gone down hill since.  Most recent figures had the show down to 173,000 viewers on average.  Reruns of shows like Family Feud take its place.

I have to say, I’m a little surprised – granted, I was not expecting the reruns to get even a fraction of the ratings that the current seasons get, but with all the publicity they did back in January (and all the hype surrounding GSN buying the rights), I would have thought they would have at least gotten some bang for their buck in terms of ratings, from fans of the show…but 173k is downright meager, especially when you take into account that reruns of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and Family Feud pull in upwards of 500k in viewers for GSN.  And when you take into account that DWTS was the lowest-rated show in a primetime slot on GSN the last week it aired (all the shows below it were in early AM slots, which aren’t expected to pull in a ton of viewers), that’s…pretty bad. I have to wonder if it was just PureDWTS fans that were tuning in, after all the free publicity we gave GSN during the big launch 😉

So I guess my big question is, “What went wrong?” It did seem a little strange that they started off airing season 4, but then skipped ahead to season 12 – did the fact that season 12 only happened a year ago deter some viewers, who would have rather seen an older season? Or were the odds just stacked against them when they aired reruns concurrent with a new season? Or was there just never really a huge demand for DWTS reruns from the get-go? Who knows.  But I have to wonder if reruns might fare better now that they’ve announced that they’re doing an all-star season – perhaps there might be more a demand for reruns, so fans can relive the magic from the first time around? I do think it will be interesting to see what GSN’s next move is – they still own the rights to seasons 4-13, so if they wanted to start airing them again, they could – hell, I think they’d have better luck in a summer slot, anyway, plus they have the boon of the all-star season looming. But will they even bother, given how much of a failure their first attempts at reruns were? I don’t know that there’s really a demand on any other network for DWTS reruns, so I doubt they’d have an easy time selling off the rights to another network, other than BBC America (they own the rights to seasons 1-3, but have yet to actually do anything with them).  I’m just hoping we get at least some of the seasons back on Hulu, so I don’t have to scavenge & beg for pictures everytime I want to do an edition of “Who Wore It Better”? 🙂

So what do you guys think of the whole situation? Are you upset that you won’t catch the reruns…or do you not really care? Do you think GSN should give it another shot…or try and sell the rights to the reruns as fast as they can?

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DWTS Season 15: “All-Star” Season – Pick your Pros!

You didn’t think I’d forget about the professional dancers, now did you?

In case you’ve missed it… last week, there was a post with polls asking you – the reader – to choose one star per season that you’d love to see come back for the “All Star” Season of Dancing with the Stars (aka Season 15). There have been a lot of pros that have come and gone throughout the seasons, so now is your chance to pick the twelve pros that you’d love to see come back.

I have included pros that have only been on the show for one season, those that have left the show for greener pastures (Alec Mazo, Edyta Sliwinska and Julianne Hough). So anything goes here.

Why twelve professional dancers? For the past several seasons the show have had either eleven or twelve couples… so I figured this season should include twelve couples as well. 🙂 I suppose we’ll see.

Read more..

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My life can be summed up in the following two quotes: 1) "I am married to engineering and am its faithful wife by day, but at night my wanderlust takes hold and the arts becomes my jealous paramour." and... 2) "Engineering is my safety net. Writing is my passion. Acting is my escape when the other two become too much." So where does dancing fit in? Pretty much anywhere at this point... =)

Dancing With The Stars Lights Up Green Bay, Wisconsin For Donald Driver Softball Charity And Dancing Event

This past weekend Peta Murgatroyd, Derek Hough, Tristan MacManus, Chelsie Hightower, Sasha Farber, and Oksana Dmytrenko flew to Green Bay, Wisconsin to partake in Donald Driver’s 5th Annual Charity Softball Game festivities one of which included a show Sunday night. Sasha tweeted the pictures above. Also, thanks to Sasha Farber’s You Tube, you can see he and Oksana in dress rehearsals for the show below. You can see Chelsie and some of the other dancers from Dancing With The Stars in the background. What a fun dance…

Also, the Sheboygan Press has a slew of pictures of Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Champs, Donald and Peta, answering questions for the press and Peta throws the first pitch in the softball game. Below are just a couple of them. You can see many more in a fun gallery at the link.

Donald and Peta thanked their fans for voting for them. Peta also admitted that she’s been swept up in the “green and gold spirit”. Here is more in a take from the WAOW ABC Channel 9. Note how Donald’s team won the game.

“They had everything to do with it and I couldn’t have done it without them. I tip my hat off to the fans. Me and Peta did our part. At the end of the day, it was up to the fans to win it all,” Driver said.

His dancing partner Peta Murgatroyd says she can’t help but get swept up in the green and gold spirit.

“It’s out of this world. I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s crazy. It feels so good to have the support of Packer Nation and Wisconsin,” Murgatroyd said.

“I knew Packer Nation would come through,” Bartz said.

Some fans say they’ve never watched Dancing with the Stars before. But because of Driver, they not only tuned in, but voted.

“When a hometown favorite wins it and brings it home, that’s huge,” Josh Marnocha from Seymour said.

Peta even threw out the first pitch, right down the middle. And as for the game? Driver can add a softball title to his trophy case. The offense took down the defense 22-10.

And below is a Fox 11 news TV report….

Driver hosts charity softball game:

If any of you were at these events and have a story to share, more pictures, or video coverage, be sure to let us know in the comments section. What a great weekend for them all!!

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"Dance is the hidden language of the soul" ~ Martha Graham. That's what DWTS makes me think of every Monday night. To read more about me and my other interests, see Lisa Kay Photography. You can also follow me at Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud.