DWTS Carrie Anne Inaba In Magic Image Magazine 2012 “Follow Your Heart And Stand True”

Carrie Ann Inaba on WhoSay

Dancing With The Stars Judge Carrie Ann Inaba is gracing the cover of this month’s issue of “Magic Image magazine“. They also have a fun interview up with her where Carrie Anne discusses her career, her biggest mentors, her judging gig on Dancing With The Stars, and more. I thought this take was interesting where Carrie Anne chats about what makes her feel the most accomplished.

MIHM – What makes you feel more accomplished: dancing, singing, or acting? We heard you like action roles, is that correct?

CAI-I feel best when I dance. But I like all of it. Ultimately, I will have to sing again. It’s something that still scares me but still is such a huge part of who I am. I want to sing a duet with someone one day. I have a low alto voice, and I write music, so we will see how that comes up in my life. It usually comes when it’s the right time. I have found that if I work hard, the universe is very kind. As far as acting goes, I’d love to do an action role one day…or do a musical on stage. I think that would be really fun. People forget that my background is more performing with singing and dancing than it is speaking. But what makes me feel most accomplished is producing. I produced a pilot for ABC with Krista Vernoff last year. It was called Grace and it was a wonderful project about a choreographer who was driven to a point where his family life suffered a little because of his artistry. Our lead character was my alter ego, I’d say. If I was born a man, I would have been Michael Grace. It was a wonderful way to release some of the creative visions I’ve had over the past few years. We did these incredible dance sequences that were a projection of his imagination – a dance in water, a dance with broken glass and an incredible piece with wind…mixed with some street dancing scenes and some intense rehearsal scenes. It almost killed me because I was producing this Pilot while I was shooting DWTS and I’d go to the edit bay and work till 3 in the morning after doing a show at DWTS. Sometimes I’d show up to meetings in my evening gowns because I’d have to come right after work. It was fun and draining, but I’ll do it all again because I’m developing other projects now. I love television and producing. I developed last season at NBC and I’m developing again. It’s like auditioning – you have to keep trying and eventually, you’ll get it right and it will be successful. I am currently developing with Bruce Cohen (Academy Award Winner) and we have some really fun ideas for drama that we are fine tuning.

And below is what she says about Dancing With The Stars and judging….

MIHM -You have been a judge on the show Dancing with the Stars for several seasons, tell us about this great experience…

CAI-It’s been fun but it has also been challenging. I have always had a fear of public speaking. It makes me crazy sometimes. But DWTS has allowed me the opportunity to share my dance experience while facing my own fears. This is always a good thing. Life is about challenging yourself. And DWTS challenges me as a person. It has also allowed me to be a part of the dance revolution in America and it’s been so great to see people falling in love with dance. I’m grateful to DWTS and other dance shows like So You think You Can Dance – which you may not know that I was a part of when it first started as well. These shows have brought dance to the main-stream conscious and that is a good thing.

It’s not always easy to say what you mean in such sort 15 – 25 second soundbites…and sometimes I have had to take a lot of heat for what I have said or for what Bruno or Len have said. And I have learned that you can’t please everyone. You just have to be true to yourself. No matter what you say, someone will be upset by it. This is a sad but true fact I have learned while being on TV. But it’s good because there is a big lesson in that. And it’s a good lesson. Follow your heart and stand true.

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