Louie Vito Still Has Something To Prove If Asked To Do Dancing With The Stars All Star Season

We had a fan named Byrl write to us about Season 9 contestant Louie Vito. Recently, he asked him if he would be interested in returning for the All-Star edition of Dancing With The Stars. Louie told him that he was “available” and still had “something to prove”. Furthermore, he’s in prime shape. Here are some highlights from what Bryl wrote to us below in catching us up on ‘all things’ Louie Vito since he was on Dancing With The Stars in Season 9.

Byrl: Louie Vito is on the verge of being #1 in the world of Half Pipe Snowboarding. Last year he changed up his training and reported in at WinningFactor.com. He was there for 5 weeks. When he reported in, the owner told Louie he was not in shape at all when Louie thought he was. Louie was chasing everybody and this included NFL Football players and towards the end of the 5 week training program everybody was chasing Louie. He had bypassed them all.


Louie Vito embodies style, power, skill and determination. Vito has won four of the past five U.S. Grand Prix Overall Championships, four X Games medals, two time Winter Dew Tour Cup Overall Champion and has made the podium at seventeen of the last twenty major contests since the Vancouver Winter Olympics. With his remarkable presence on the half pipe and endeavor…s off the mountain, he has cemented his place as one of the greatest snowboarders of his generation.

Vito is currently the reigning Winter Dew Tour Overall Champion and U.S. Grand Prix Overall Champion. When Vito is not landing arduous “double corks” and 1080s he is working on his endurance and strength training. Vito recently showed how important a strong body can be in snowboarding when he was selected for the prestigious ESPN Magazine’s “Body Issue.” Also, recently Vito was chosen to be the face of competitive snowboarding for Red Bull.

On being invited to do the Dancing With The Stars All Stars….

…he told me in a message, that “I am available and I have something to prove. I am still in my prime” and he knows that he will do better than he did before. One thing about it Chelsie Hightower would not have to worry about him being in physical shape.

Thanks Byrl! Keep us posted on Louie!!

Picture above courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.