DWTS Alumni Ron Artest, Jenny Garth To Star In New Nancy Grace Lifetime Movie

Ron Artest and Jenny Garth will have parts in a new movie adaptation of Nancy Grace’s first novel, “The Eleventh Victim”. As you know, all three were once contenders on Dancing With The Stars (although in different seasons). The new movie is set to premiere in the fall on the Lifetime Movie Network. Below are more details from TV Guide.

How, you may ask, did this highly unusual bit of casting come about? Turns out World Peace and Grace became fast friends during their stint on Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars. (Garth is also a Dancing alum.) The Garlan character “is very dear to my heart,” says Grace, who authored The New York Times best-selling novel based on her real-life experiences and serves as one of the film’s executive producers. “I wanted to cast someone for whom I have a true fondness. Metta World Peace was my first pick.”

The Eleventh Victim follows Garth’s character as she pursues the conviction of serial killer Clinton Burrell Cruise. The case becomes personal for Hailey when she is physically attacked by Cruise in open court. While still recovering, Hailey moves to New York and begins a new career as a therapist. When her clients start to turn up dead — with the murderer using the same M.O. as the Atlanta killer she put behind bars — she is forced to help catch a cold-blooded killer who could very well make her his next target.

It’s so cool to see Nancy, yet again, broadening herself. She’s more than just an outspoken, former prosecuting attorney with a controversial talk show. I gained whole new respect for her after she did Dancing With The Stars. Here’s to her new movie!

You can read the full story at TV Guide.