Random DWTS Trivia: Len Goodman Was Young Once???!!

Another slow news day, kids, so I thought I’d continue my little “Random DWTS Trivia” series in hopes of entertaining you all while we wait for some real news to break 😛

One of our readers (can’t remember who) requested a month or two ago that we hunt down some pictures of Len Goodman in his youth…perhaps to prove he hasn’t always been the crotchety ol’ coot we see on DWTS.  I made a mental note to do it “someday” and then didn’t really give it much more thought, but for whatever reason, the mood struck me last night to go a-googling – and these are the results 🙂 

Here we have a 12-year-old Len at home in London.  He’s apparently pretty amused by something off-camera.  Not gonna lie – at first I totally thought this was a girl with an ill-conceived Audrey Hepburn pixie cut.  But alas, it is, indeed, our pal Len…I think the teeth & the eyebrows give it away. 

Here we have Len & his dance partner/first wife, Cherry Kingston.  Anyone else think he looks vaguely like Captain Kangaroo here? I’m just thankful that dance fashion & hair styling for ladies have improved quite a bit since the days of yore!

 Here are Len & Cherry again, looks like some sort of competition.  Couldn’t tell you what dance they’re doing – jive, maybe? Hard to tell, since the look of a lot of the Latin dances has changed so much from back in the day.  Watch that leg, Cherry! You might hit Len in that “old sausage” he’s always yammering on about.  

Here’s Len with his 2nd wife, Lesley, likely sometime in the late 70’s-early ’80s.  He looks like he belongs on a golf course in Boca Raton, with that getup!

I culled most of these pix from an article I dug up from the Dailymail from back in 2008 – it was written by Len himself, and he related the saga of his 3 marriages and the lessons he learned from each.  It’s sometimes sad, it’s sometimes uplifting – but you can really see that Len has gained a whole lot of wisdom over the years, and like the rest of us – he’s human too, and has made some mistakes.  It’s a good read 🙂