DWTS Carrie Anne Inaba: “Hard work is key to success, failing is key to success”

Carrie Anne Inaba seems to be everywhere this summer. Not only has the Dancing With The Stars judge been doing a lot of rescue work for cats and appearing on LIVE! With Kelly, recently she attended and spoke at a “Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE)” event which is an organization “that focuses on advancing diversity and improving the images of Asians in entertainment and media.” Below is some advise Carrie Anne shared at the event in trying to accomplish just that. Wise words for anyone trying to make it in the entertainment business….

“The biggest advice I have is to know yourself, your best parts, be proud of it, and showcase it,” said Inaba.

Inaba also notes that it’s important to live fearlessly and break boundaries. As a dancer in “Madonna: The Girlie Show,” she shaved her head, slid down a pole, and submerged herself in the performance as much as possible. She’s come out as a stronger performer as a result.

“In life, be fearless. Fearless is about having fears, but still going forward,” said Inaba, who also had a fear of public speaking but now puts her public speaking skills to work on “Dancing with the Stars.”

For Asian Americans who are aspiring to be actors and actresses, Inaba recommends not limiting yourself to certain parts but pushing to get into a wide range of roles.

“Hard work is key to success, failing is key to success, you can’t succeed without failing,” said Inaba. “Do your research, don’t be lazy, don’t be afraid—we’re strong people.”

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