Entertainment Weekly Gives Dancing With The Stars LIVE In Las Vegas Rave Reviews

What a great in-depth three page review for Dancing With The Stars: LIVE In Las Vegas by Annie Barrett of Entertainment Weekly. She gives huge props to Carson Kressley calling him a “marvel” in his hosting duties and how he is “never not funny” much like Tom Bergeron. She calls the show “quite stunning, especially during the many bombastic group numbers” and how the lack of cameras (seen if you are sitting in the audience on the TV version) “frees up the dancers to use the entire stage and actually move.”

The whole thing felt more like a musical — with slow/sensual or fierce/emphatic movements instead of dialogue, or literally (if we want to get all Carrie Ann about it) “beautiful lines” instead of spoken lines.

She also raves about dancing pro Lacey Schwimmer (who got hurt this past week) saying she “commands the stage”…

As I expected, the dancer who embodied that classic for-the-love-of-the-game performance quality the most for me was Our Pro Lacey Schwimmer. Girl knows how to command a stage — even if she had just slunk into a corner, she was all I could see. Also, uh oh: I just read that Lacey hurt her ankle during the week and didn’t dance last night. Noooooo. If she can’t return that’ll be a huge loss for the show. Lacey and her crazy hair extensions (currently pink and purple) are truly the life of the party.

But, Annette’s favorite dance in the LIVE show was, to her surprise, a Rumba with Dmitry Chaplain and Anya Garnis….

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Anya as one of Our Pros at some point — though if there’s any intention of maintaining a DWTS Vegas run throughout the rest of the year instead of just in the summer, whoever’s in charge may want to shackle her (using prop police handcuffs) and Dmitry to a Tropicana slot machine right now. She’s on fire!

YES. Fave dance of the night: Dmitry and Anya’s rumba. It took 14 seasons and a trip to Vegas for me to realize this, but maybe there IS a place for barefoot men in the ballroom. They just have to look/play the guitar/open their shirts like Dmitry. Oh screw that, they just have to be Dmitry. NEW RULE: Only Mr. Chaplin can remove his shoes.

Anya can barely even process his hotness.

You can read lots more of this fun review on the show and the cast at Entertainment Weekly. You can see more pictures as well. Also, be sure to read the part on Tristan MacManus. He joined her, Lacey, Carson, and Joey Fatone for a pre-show backstage chat in Carson’s dressing room. We hope to post that interview as soon as it’s made available.