Louis Van Amstel Choreographs Samba for So You Think You Can Dance

Last minute “set your DVR’s!” alert – Louis is appearing on tonight’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  He tweeted earlier today that the samba he choreographed for ballet dancer Chehon and ballroom dancer Witney will be opening the show tonight:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/LouisVanAmstel/status/223095232122728448″]

So for those Louis fans looking for their fix, stop whatever you’re doing, and go set your DVR to record the show at 8 pm EST on FOX.  Louis has choreographed some pretty awesome stuff for SYTYCD, so this should be a great routine.  Remember that awesome tango he choreographed for Melanie & Marko last season?

And I think Heidi & I are both pretty thrilled that they have not one, not two, but THREE ballroom dancers on SYTYCD this season! Let’s hope they have some staying power.  I think John is probably already smitten with Witney in particular…anyone else think she could be the second coming of Chelsie? 😉

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UPDATED: Here are videos of Chehon & Witney’s rehearsal with Louis, as well as the performance itself, for those who missed it 🙂