Dancing with the Stars Season 15: Predicted Eliminations w/o Professional Partners

So now that we know who most of the cast is I decided to whip up a quick breakdown of how the Season 15 cast would fare against one another now.

However, then I started thinking: How cool would it be to see how they would have fared against one another with the professional partners that they had before? Yes, I know that there are duplicates here and there but if you were able to clone those pros… how would the “All Star” cast fare? Well let’s find out!

Apolo Anton Ohno Julianne Hough Winner Winner
Shawn Johnson Mark Ballas Winner 2nd
Drew Lachey Cheryl Burke Winner 3rd
Gilles Marini Cheryl Burke 2nd 4th
Hélio Castroneves Julianne Hough Winner 5th
Emmitt Smith Cheryl Burke Winner 6th
Joey Fatone Kym Johnson 2nd 7th
Bristol Palin Mark Ballas 3rd 8th
Kelley Monaco Alec Mazo Winner 9th
Melissa Rycroft Tony Dovolani 3rd 10th
Kirstie Alley Maksim Chmerkovskiy 2nd 11th
Pamela Anderson Damian Whitewood 6th 12th
Sabrina Bryan Mark Ballas 7th 3rd (before Drew)
Carson Kressley Anna Trebunskaya 8th 12th (before Pamela)
Kyle Massey Lacey Schwimmer 2nd 4th (before Gilles)

An interesting breakdown to be sure… granted probably not accurate but what can you do? On the other hand this is with the assumption that everyone was with their original partner but that’s not going to happen, not by a long shot. So with the information that we do know about the celebrities (occupation, current age) how would they fare on the season?

Shawn Johnson Olympian 20s 1st
Apolo Anton Ohno Olympian 30s 2nd
Drew Lachey Band Member 30s 3rd
Joey Fatone Band Member 30s 4th
Emmitt Smith NFL 40s 5th
Gilles Marini Actor 30s 6th
Kelly Monaco Soap Opera Star 30s 7th
Hélio Castroneves Athlete 30s 8th
Melissa Rycroft Reality TV Star 20s 9th
Kirstie Alley Actress 60s 10th
Bristol Palin Other 20s 11th
Pamela Anderson Actress 40s 12th
Sabrina Bryan Disney 20s 3rd (before Drew)
Carson Kressley Host 40s 12th (before Pamela)
Kyle Massey Disney 20s 3rd (before Drew)

Without knowing the professional partner, it is interesting to see how there are some that can stay relatively in the same area while others are all over the place in the rankings. For example Hélio Castroneves appears to be stronger with the right professional dancer, mainly because athletes in general tend be in the middle of the road.

Keep in mind this are predictions without a professional partner… I would be interested to know who the partner could possibly be and how would that affect the above rankings.