DWTS Season 15 All Stars – Who’s Gonna Dance with Whom??

Since I saw a bunch of people already asking this question in the comments on the site, I figured I would go ahead and give my guesses. These are guesses only – I have no inside information. All I do is use heights, perceived personality, and any other information floating around out there. In the case of this season, I think I will also look at history combined with the knowledge that fairness plays NO part in the decisions TPTB make. 🙂

There is also a twist here – one that Mark Ballas hasn’t realized yet in his campaigning for Sabrina.  Mark says he’s “100%” dancing on the show this coming season.  The pairs are announced on GMA on August 13.  Voting for the 13th dancer doesn’t end until August 24.  Do the math.  The ONLY way that Mark can be dancing with Sabrina is if the voting thing is all bull.  Mark can only dance with Sabrina if they cancel the voting on August 13 and let all three people dance. Otherwise, Mark has already been paired with someone else and someone who isn’t sure if they have a spot yet will dance with Sabrina – if she wins the vote.  My guess? Louis…or perhaps someone like Henry. Someone shorter and not always guaranteed a spot on the show. Maybe it’s Derek, since all signs are that he had something else to do this season until recently.  But my guess is that Derek already has a partner too. So, I guess we’ll see if the voting thing is for real, or if it’s all hype that they will cancel on the 13th.  I hope it’s not all hype – I think 15 dancers is WAY too many. The most couples in a season was 16 and that was a nightmare. I hope they don’t go that route again, unless they have a double elimination the first week. Note: if the voting thing is a fraud, they will have to pull up a female dancer from the troupe unless Julianne or Edyta are magically coming back – doubtful in both cases.

So, you’ll notice, below, that I went with the assumption that ALMOST everyone is getting a new partner.  Will TPTB go this route? Well, it would certainly make the show much more interesting – which means they won’t do it. 🙂 I’m hoping they do, just to add to the entertainment value and to make the playing field a bit more level.

Heidi’s Guesses for the Women!!

Celebrity Height Pro Height Pro Former Partner
 Pam Anderson  5ft. 7in.  6ft. 2in.  Maks Damian
 Kelly Monaco  5ft. 3in.  5ft. 10in.  Derek Alec
 Melissa Rycroft  5ft. 4in.  5ft. 8in.  Mark  Tony
 Shawn Johnson  4ft. 9in.  5ft. 9in.  Val  Mark
 Kirstie Alley  5ft. 7in.  6ft. 1in.  Tony  Maks
 Bristol Palin  5ft. 5in.  5ft. 11in.  Tristan  Mark

Some explanations for my female pairings:

–          I put Maks and Pam together because they would be HOT

–          I put Kelly with Derek because she was supposedly running her mouth about him AND she fits the Derek partner mold

–          Melissa and Mark, and Val and Shawn??  Still not sure about these. Shawn’s older now, so Mark isn’t critical, but…

–          Kirstie and Tony?? It pretty much has to be either Tony or Maks, because Kirstie is tall and big boned – she would overwhelm most of the other men PLUS I would bet she wants someone in the “family”, if you know what I mean

–          Unfortunately, Bristol got Tristan by process of elimination. I didn’t try to pigeonhole her there.  As exciting as a Maks or Derek pairing with Bristol would be, they will give her to someone more easy going. If it’s not going to be Mark, I think it’s Tristan

Heidi’s Guesses for the Men!!

Celebrity Height Pro Height Pro Former Partner
 Joey Fatone  5ft. 11in.  5ft. 7in.  Peta  Kym
 Helio Castroneves  5ft. 8in.  5ft. 5in.  Karina  Julianne
 Drew Lacey  5ft. 6in.  5ft. 4in.  Anna  Cheryl
 Emmitt Smith  5ft. 9in.  5ft. 7in.  Kym  Cheryl
 Apolo Ono  5ft. 8in.  5ft. 2.5in.  Chelsie  Julianne
 Gilles Marini  6ft. 1in.  5ft. 4in.  Cheryl  Cheryl

I found the men to be a bit harder to match up. Here is my rationale:

–          I started with the shorter men, and the most obvious pairing, to me, is Apolo and Chelsie. They won’t be able to resist putting Apolo with a mini-Julianne>

–          That left me with Drew, who will also need a shorter female. I picked Anna. I just couldn’t see Anna with Apolo, which was my other choice, because…

–          I had already put Karina with Helio. I can kinda see that pairing…certainly more than I can see Anna and Helio.

–          When you pair up the shorter girls with the short guys,  you’re left with Joey, Emmett and Gilles.  I really wanted Peta with Gilles, but I have a feeling that Cheryl will get her way on this one. Again.

–          I could see Peta better with Joey than Emmett and Kym better with Emmett.

So there you have it.  I kinda hope it goes this way, since ONLY Kym and Cheryl (of the female pros) would be able to dance with former partners and this way it would be a tiny bit more even. What do you think??

ETA: Completely forgot about our wildcards!!  Well, there is only one female pro left – Lacey. Lacey has already danced with Kyle and she’s not too short for Carson. And they would be fun together as well. As for Sabrina – well, Louis is pimping her a lot on Twitter and since Mark already knows he’s dancing, he can’t be dancing with Sabrina unless something is rigged. I kinda think that they might give Mark/Sabrina another go round – but I also think that they don’t care that much about the pros.  I think they think of it more in terms of giving *Sabrina* another chance. They aren’t shippers. 🙂