Apolo Ohno Expains Why He Decided To Dance Again On Dancing With The Stars

Apolo Ohno may be in London currently watching the 2012 Olympics, but, that didn’t stop him from answering a few questions about his new gig on Dancing With The Stars from ESPN. Apolo tells them why he decided to dance. Read more below. I love what he says. Picture above from Apolo’s twitter account.

Congratulations on returning to “Dancing with the Stars.” The competition with athletes Emmitt Smith, Shawn Johnson and Helio Castroneves back looks pretty stiff.

“When they called, I had to think whether I was willing to make a full commitment. I had to think about giving 100 percent and dedicating all that time. But when I heard the names of some of the other contestants, I realized that I was a great fan of many of them and they are my friends. How could I not? I think it’ll be the biggest show they’ve ever had. It’s a wonderful opportunity. I’m excited about being on the show.”

So you need to train, right?

“Hopefully, I don’t fall too many times. It’s going to be very competitive. At the end of the day, I think that’s what people love about it. I just need to stay away from the sequins and the rhinestones. I need to stay strong on this one.”

You can read the full interview at ESPN.