DWTS2012 Kym Johnson Returns To Her Homeland In Australia

The Herald Sun has a sweet little spread on Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson today. She’s returned home to Australia for a little break. Don’t worry! Kym will be returning back to dance soon on the all star edition of Dancing With The Stars. She comments on that and her future below and at the link.

I feel like I’m in really good shape, better than I was before really,” Johnson said in Sydney last week, returning home to see family and friends.

“Of course I’m considering hanging up my dance shoes at some point but it is just such an amazing job and I love working over there. I’m definitely looking at setting some things for life after dancing but who knows when that will be.”

Also, and in case you missed this like I did, below is Kym recently promoting Laser Away!

One more thing. Today is Kym’s birthday. Be sure to send her a little shout out at twitter when you get a chance!