Pamela Anderson’s New Strategy For Dancing In The DWTS All Stars Season

Pamela Anderson tells People she only has room for one person on her dance card and that is her future pro partner on Dancing With The Stars. Good for her and it sounds like she’s got a better strategy planned out for this time. I hope it works. Love her! Below is more….

“I’ve sworn off men until November,” Anderson says of her self-imposed, season-long celibacy.

And while many celebrities actively engage with their fans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Anderson admits, “Last time I didn’t ask a lot of people to vote for me.”

This time, however, she’s enlisting the help of her sons Brandon Lee, 16, and Dylan Jagger Lee, 14, with social media strategy because “they are technically savvy and I’m not,” she says.

While the kids help mom out in cyberspace, Anderson will do her part on the dance floor, vowing to “rehearse a lot more and try to stay out of trouble because I’m a self-sabotager.”

You can read the full story today at People. Picture above taken on August 1st from Zimbio Pictures.