Inside DWTS Source Says Ryan Lochte And Michael Phelps Welcome In The Ballroom

It’s hard to even think about the next season of Dancing With The Stars, but, there are several stories on several Olympians who have expressed they may want to dance on Dancing With The Stars. First, there is Ryan Lochte. Below is an interview with Today. Check out how Ryan would like to continue the rivalry with Michael Phelps on the dance floor. There is nothing in the works yet, but, an inside source to the show said Ryan and Michael are welcomed in the ballroom. More in detail below and at the link….

Even better would be a ballroom win over his teammate and pal Michael Phelps, whom Lochte said he’d like to dance against. “I mean since I am so used to competing against Michael Phelps, yeah, I’d have him on the show,” he told reporters, according to iVillage. And he’d be fine paired with any of the female pros, as Sports Illustrated reported, because all of them are quite lovely. (Might we suggest the uber-fun Lacey Schwimmer as his perfect match?)

Though Lochte has expressed interested in participating in “Dancing,” it sounds like producers haven’t made a move to invite him to join in an upcoming season yet. But that doesn’t mean “DWTS” won’t be extending an invite eventually.

“Nothing is in the works yet,” a show source told, “but rest assured, either (Lochte or Phelps) — or even better, both of them — would be welcome in the ballroom.”

Also, Michael Phelps told US Weekly, he’d be interesting in dancing as well….

At the OMEGA House “Spotlight On Swimming” event in London August 7, the 27-year-old athlete spoke with Us Weekly about possibly following in the footsteps of fellow U.S. Olympians Natalie Coughlin, 29, ApoloAnton Ohno, 30, and ShawnJohnson, 20, by competing on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

“I haven’t really been known for my dancing. I know everyone who’s done it — I’ve talked to Apolo and Natalie about it, and they said they’ve enjoyed it and had a blast,” Phelps said. “I won’t say I’m ruling anything out, who knows?”

If he could choose a female swimmer to be his partner (instead of a pro dancer like Karina Smirnoff, 34, or Cheryl Burke, 28), Phelps would pick Coughlin, who finished in 10th place in Season 9. “She’s gone through it all before and Natalie and I have been on a lot of teams together,” Phelps explained. “She literally couldn’t stop talking about how much fun the show was.”

Hmmm?? Also, Missy Franklin has also expressed interest in dancing during an interview with Access Hollywood.

This fall, “Dancing with the Stars” ushers in its All-Star edition, but when they’re looking for new contenders again, Missy wants to sign up.

“I do want to do it. I would love to go on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ but, we’ll see how it works out with school and if I go pro and all those crazy things you have to worry about, but hopefully someday I would love to be on that show,” she said.

Wow, they’d all be cool to see dance. What do you think?

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