PureDWTS All Star Season: Who’s Following Who At Twitter? (Speculate Post)

With the Dancing With The Stars pairings announcement about to take place on Monday on Good Morning America, it’s fun to take a look at “who might be following who” at twitter? As some of you have posted to let us know in comments and twitter (thanks so much All!), some of the cast this past week has made a move to follow each other. Does this mean they are dancing together? Maybe and maybe NOT!!! Time will soon be telling. In the meantime, it’s kind of fun to wonder, comment, and speculate on it.

So, here’s what we have so far and if you notice any changes or additions that need to be made, be sure to let us know in the comments section. NOTE: this list only includes new follows!

Male Celebs:
Drew is following Anna
Gilles is following Karina and Peta

Female Celebs:
Kelly is following Val

Male Pros:
Val is following Melissa and Kelly
Mark is following Kirstie

Female Pros:
Karina is following an Emmitt DWTS Fan page and Gilles
Chelsie is following Joey and Emmitt
Anna is following Helio, Gilles, and Apolo (Gilles and Apolo are older followings)
Peta is following Gilles Marini’s Official Facebook page (this could be nothing. She follows everyone who follows her at facebook)

Let’s get Miss Heidi and Courtney’s thoughts….

Heidi: Well, didn’t Chelsie do time in Vegas when Joey was on?? That’s probably the reason for that one. I think Val started following Kelly and Kelly reciprocated, but I could be mistaken on that one. Of course,  him also following Melissa could be something.  I think Mark following Kirstie is because he was joking around saying he was going to be her partner. I hope the Drew/Anna thing is nothing – I can certainly see her with Helio better than Drew. LOVE Karina and Gilles – that would be amazing.

Courtney: I actually don’t put a whole lot of stock into who is following who on Twitter in general, since Twitter is a medium that makes it easy for two individuals that wouldn’t normally cross paths to build a rapport – it just takes the click of a button for someone like Bette Midler to buddy up to 50 Cent.  With regards to DWTS – sometimes it’s telling, sometimes it isn’t, when it comes to who’s following whom.  Celebs following their original partner & vice-versa? Probably means nothing, since many of them have remained friends after their original seasons. I’d say anyone following Kirstie/vice-versa probably isn’t indicative of much, considering she was on a recent season and seemed to befriend just about everyone in her cast.  The Anna/Helio connection might have something to do with she & Jack being the grand marshals of a parade for some IndyCar race a few months back – and considering Helio is one of the biggest (and friendliest) personalities in IndyCar, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say they probably met that way.  The only two follows that raise any eyebrows to me are Val & Kelly and Gilles & Karina – they seem like connections that would be unlikely to happen in a natural way.  Especially excited about the Gilles/Karina connection…yes please πŸ˜€

My thoughts: I love the Drew/Anna or Helia/Anna, Kelly/Val, and Gilles/Karina pairings. I hope there is something to them. I’m not sure about a Chelsie/Joey pairing. I still see her with Apolo. And no just no to Kirstie and Mark. Like Heidi, I think he just followed her since she was mentioning in some teaser tweets that her partner had dark hair.