Sharna Burgess Recaps Her Summer, Shares Thoughts On New DWTS All Star Cast

This is fun!! As promised, Dancing With Stars Sharna Burgess has written to us all about her summer and what a busy and fun summer at that from her working in London, taking a little vacation time, and returning back to the States to work on So You Think You Can Dance and judging the Hip Hop International tournament. She’s excited about the new All Star season of Dancing With The Stars and has some fun thoughts to share with us on that as well. THANKS SHARNA!!! You rock! We can’t wait for you to be back on the show too and do “your thing”!!!!! Without further ado, more below from the beautiful and talented Sharna (including pics)….

Pure DWTS “Summer Recap”
by Sharna Burgess

My thoughts on the new cast:

Wow what an exciting diverse bunch! I was surprised they bought back so many mirror ball winners, but at the same time each of them are great competitive energies to throw into the mix. I think it will be very interesting to watch these guys the second time around – the defending champions should be just as nervous as the rest! I know the runner-ups like Kirstie Alley, are definitely looking to take that mirror ball home. Even the old favorites coming back are in it to win it! Everyone is coming in on an even playing field, they now all have dance experience and know what to expect. It’s not about getting to know them anymore, it’s about what they can do! It definitely won’t be any easier the second time round, as the bar has been raised and we expect to see some fantastic dancing this season!

My summer has been crazy! Between flying straight to London after DWTS, judging Hip Hop International, the USA championships held in Vegas, and working on SYTYCD… I have been a busy girl!
In London I choreographed a tango piece for a new stage production, “Oranges on the Brain” which is now touring the UK, choreographed and performed a five dance show, and of course, watched the queen float down the river Themes for her diamond jubilee 🙂 I could barely see her but it was a fantastic day filled with family and fun.

Pictured above is Sharna, her cousin Leanne Hewitt, and her boyfriend Paul Kirkland

After returning to the states, I spent some quality time with my man’s (dancer Paul Kirkland) family for our birthdays in June, and threw him a surprise 30th birthday party when we got back to LA. Seriously, who knew party planning was so stressful!! All worth it though 🙂

In July I was working for SYTYCD and I did three amazing routines with Jason Gilkison. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with him since I left Burn The Floor and I have to say it was so wonderful to be back with someone that I consider my mentor. My absolute favorite of all routines was the paso doble with Cole and Lindsay. It was just total fire on that stage, not only was the music and choreography insane, but the character commitment from them both was on point!! They were driven and dedicated as students with a real maturity in their approach to dance. I was so inspired teaching them and being a part of that routine evolving into what it did. And seriously… Have you ever seen a paso doble look that good on SYTYCD!?! I haven’t 🙂

I also did one with SYTYCD Alum Pasha Kovalev, which was a super fun cha cha. I think the two dancers, Darien and Janelle were a little out of their league. That routine was some really difficult partnering work and I feel like they didn’t quite nail it. It’s so hard for these kids coming out and having to learn a whole new style in a matter of hours AND do it technically well. We all know from DWTS that to be a good partner and do difficult ballroom choreography is not easy, it takes time and knowledge, both of which is limited on SYTYCD because they take on a new style each week, if not 2! However it was wonderful to see Pasha again, I also haven’t seen him since BTF. We have both been so busy on opposite ends of the world doing what we love.

Pictures above are of Sharna at the Walk with Sally event with Paul Kirkland and Stuart Brazell.

At the end of July I was blessed to go and be the creative judge at the USA Hip Hop Championships (hip hop international). Wow wow wow…. These dancers were just so inspiring in not just their love for their art, but for the respect they have for each other. I don’t know where to begin on the talent that I witnessed, but I will say, as a choreographer and all round advocate of dance, I am always impressed by creative choreography, but there isn’t really that much these days that can surprise me, or at least I thought so until this competition! These dancers have raised the bar immensely, a particular crew, Academy of Villains who placed 1st in the Adult crew division, simply blew me away. These guys were fresh, creative and undeniably unique, but also bought moves and tricks that I have never seen on a hip hop stage before. They not only represented USA at the world championships the following week, they placed 3rd! And that believe it or not is the first time USA has even placed at all in the world battles. They really are that special. YouTube them and you will find out!

Finally, I am waiting like the rest of us to hear what will happen for this seasons DWTS. I’ve been teaching a little this month and also doing some commercial work to fill the gaps, but I’m very much looking forward to getting back in that ballroom as I certainly do miss it!! Can’t wait to dance and choreograph for y’all again this season!!!! 

Much love S xx

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