DWTS All Stars – Who’s Dancing with Whom? Pairs Announcement Live Blog!!

How live will it be? Well, that remains to be seen. Are they going to do a massive pairs dump or are they going to string it out over the second hour of GMA?? Stick around and find out. If you want to go back to my guesses on the pairings from a few weeks ago and amuse yourself until it’s time, then check it out —> Who’s gonna dance with whom?

ETA: Well, so far so good. They’re teasing it pretty good on GMA. Lara says there’s “a lot of overlap” – no idea what that means. George claims he got a sneak peek.

ETA2: Just teased it again, Lara said it was “surprising” – which I think means everyone’s getting a new partner, but we’ll see….

ETA3: Lara just talked about Cheryl having “3 of them” on the show previously and asked the question “Which one will she dance with this time, or will she dance with any of them? Does she have any say?”  Heidi says, yes, let’s make it about Cheryl, her head ain’t big enough yet. ::eyeroll::

ETA4: Pairings coming up at 8:12!!!

ETA5: Here we go!!

ETA6: Tony on the show now. Boring, boring, boring.  Can’t believe they are going this way. Melissa has no shot.

ETA7: Well, that’s it. How crappy. Gotta go dig!

ETA8: Whoo Derek/Shawn and Gilles/Peta!!

ETA9: Hmmm….well, the obvious favorite would be Joey/Kym. Not only did he get his former partner but he’s been dancing for a couple months now.  But Derek and Shawn?? She’s so dang short…time will tell if they actually have a shot or not. Tristan/Pam will be hilarious, I think.  Maks/Kirstie?? Boring.

All Stars – The Pairs!!

Celebrity Height Pro Height Pro
 Pam Anderson  5ft. 7in.  5ft. 11in.  Tristan
 Kelly Monaco  5ft. 3in.  5ft. 9in.  Val
 Melissa Rycroft  5ft. 4in.  6ft. 1in.  Tony
 Shawn Johnson  4ft. 9in.  5ft. 10in.  Derek
 Kirstie Alley  5ft. 7in.  6ft. 2in.  Maks
 Bristol Palin  5ft. 5in.  5ft. 8in.  Mark
 Joey Fatone  5ft. 11in.  5ft. 7in.  Kym
 Helio Castroneves  5ft. 8in.  5ft. 2.5in.  Chelsie
 Drew Lacey  5ft. 6in.  5ft. 4in.  Anna
 Emmitt Smith  5ft. 9in.  5ft. 4in.  Cheryl
 Apolo Ono  5ft. 8in.  5ft. 5in.  Karina
 Gilles Marini  6ft. 1in.   5ft. 7in.  Peta

ETA10: Vogue here and you can see a video of the GMA coverage of the LIVE announcement at this LINK.