DWTS All Stars – The First Look at Some of the Pairs

This time around, anyways. Thanks to Gitte for compiling all these in the comments while both Vogue and I were out of pocket this afternoon. Much appreciated. 🙂

Gilles and Peta look every bit as gorgeous together as I expected them to – wow. Too much pretty. 🙂

Gee, Derek and Joey being goofy. What a shock. 🙂 I’m really happily surprised by how grown up Shawn looks – very pretty. And the height difference between her and Derek isn’t as bad as I was worried about. Of course, if she’s actually wearing shoes and not slippers, I may take that back. I did see a couple websites put her at 5’1″ which is better than the 4’9″ I’ve seen in other places.

Isn’t this very similar to what Melissa wore the first time around or am I mis-remebering?? Or wait – did she wear that gawdawful thing with the large mesh upper that Tony is so fond of??

Hmmmm….jury is out on these two. Not feelin’ this partnership yet.

Oooo…Apolo’s gettin’ a good shoot.

This is Vogue and here is another of the gorgeous Apolo….

And another (thanks to @Dwtsgossip for the heads up on this one). NICE!

Check out a video HERE of Anna and Drew at their Title Shoot. Perfect and the blue will look perfect with Anna’s red hair.