Drew Lachey’s Personal Challenge For Dancing With The Stars And His New Partner

In a recent interview with Washington Times, Drew Lachey talks of reuniting with boy band 98 Degrees and appearing on Dancing with the Stars for the All Star season. Below is a take where he talks about the show and his goals for it.

“It’s a great opportunity to show that season two, yes, was early on in the show but us champions and early winners can still compete with these new people. They’re talking about how intense the show is now and how much harder it’s gotten and there might be some truth to that, but I kind of take that as a personal challenge for me to come out and represent and do well,” he said.

This time around Lachey will be paired with Ana Trebunskaya. His former partner Cheryl Burke will dance with Emmitt Smith.

Lachey described not working with Burke as “bittersweet.”

“There’s history there and we know how to work together and how to dance together but there’s also excitement to do something new. A new partner, a new dynamic, a new style, new choreography, new techniques,” he said.

Once “Dancing with the Stars” wraps up the season, he’s hoping 98 Degrees can record new music.

More at the Washington Times. If you have a Facebook account, you can watch a video of he and Anna talking about their partnership HERE. No doubt these two will give it all they’ve got!! They look great too together, don’t they? Drew also chats on Dancing With The Stars on The Insider in the video below at the 2:40 mark. So driven as well as making it with his band again!

Be sure to tune into the Today Show on Friday to see him perform LIVE with 98 Degrees.