DWTS2012 Cheryl Burke: “No better exercise on the planet than dancing”

Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke has made Celebuzz’s 101 Hot Bodies List. Coming in at #71, Cheryl gave them an exclusive interview. She talks about keeping fit with Jazzercise, but, her best way to keep fit is by dancing with a partner. More below….

Celebuzz: Do you work out solo or with a buddy?
CB: I normally work out alone but when I dance it is always with a partner. There’s honestly no better exercise on the planet than dancing for a full body and mind workout.

Celebuzz: What’s your favorite part of your body?
CB: My back.

Celebuzz: What’s the key to keeping fit and healthy?
CB: The key to being fit and healthy is maintaining realistic goals.

You can read the full interview here. They’ve chosen a great pic to go with the article too.