Pamela Anderson Talks Of Being An Underdog On Dancing With The Stars All Stars & More

I love Pamela Anderson, do you? I can’t wait to see how much her dancing has improved. She is going to make a great pairing with Tristan MacManus. Who is on the same page? Speaking of, Pam talks about dancing on the show again in a new interview at Joonbug. Below is a take and be sure to read and see more at the link. I love what she says about “empowerment” and “seeing what she’s made of”. Picture above is courtesy of Wire Image. I believe it might be a take from her new Paradise Cove Collection shoot which will be coming out soon? I love LOVE her work to try and save animals. Here’s to Pam and Tristan!

Are you excited for your return to Dancing with the Stars?
Excited, nervous…I’m an underdog in this group. Whatever happens I’m going to learn something and carry more skills into my future, so I am grateful for the opportunity.

What are you looking forward to most?
Performing every week. To me it’s like a play once a week. So I hope to stay in it for a while, but taking it one show at a time. I am experimenting, applying a lot of different things at once, I have nothing to lose! I don’t care about impressing everyone. I’m interested in empowerment and seeing what I’m made of. For me.

You seem to be quite busy lately. Do you have anything else on your plate right now?
My plate is full, always. Sometimes a little underground. But obviously my family and animal rights issues come first.

What are some of your favorite bars/clubs to go to?